The Contractor

The Contractor

Infobox Film
name = The Contractor

caption = The Contractor DVD cover
director = Josef Rusnak
producer = Rudy Cohen
starring = Wesley Snipes
Eliza Bennett
Lena Headey
Ralph Brown
Charles Dance
music = Nicholas Pike
cinematography = Wedigo von Schultzendorff
editing = Tracy Granger
James Herbert
distributor = Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
released = 10 July, 2007
runtime = 98 min.
country = Bulgaria
United Kingdom
language = English
imdb_id = 0770806

"The Contractor" is a direct-to-DVD action movie starring Wesley Snipes and Lena Headey, and directed by Josef Rusnak in 2007 in Bulgaria and the UK.

:*Tagline: The world's greatest marksman is now a marked man...


A retired CIA-agent named James Dial (Wesley Snipes) is living his life in seclusion on his ranch in Montana when he is offered the chance to redeem himself by his former employer, Jeremy Collins (Ralph Brown).

A few years ago, Dial was seconds away from taking down notorious terrorist cell leader Ali Mahmud Jahar (Nikolai Sotirov) when a distraction allowed Jahar to escape, marking the mission as a failure.

Now, Collins wants Dial to eliminate Jahar, who has been captured and is now in the custody of the police in London, England.

Provided with a safe house, passports, and an assistant named Terry Mitchell (Richard Harrington), Dial is off to London to finish what he started years ago.

Disguised as a priest, Dial gets in position in a church's bell tower across the street from the building that Jahar is being brought into.

When Jahar is brought out of his transport truck, his head is covered by a jacket, leaving Dial without a clean shot.

Not wanting to fail again, Dial patiently waits for his opportunity.

But when Jahar is taken upstairs, Dial attaches a special sight to his rifle so he can see through the window, and he fatally shoots Jahar in the back of the head.

Because of a delay caused by a pair of cops, Winchell is late bringing the getaway car, and that brings attention to them fleeing the scene.

After numerous attempts to stop the car, the police open fire on them, killing Mitchell.

The car, now out of control, comes to crashing stop, injuring Dial. Bleeding profusely, Dial makes his way to the safe house, where he meets curious 12-year-old neighbor Emily Day (Eliza Bennett), who lives with her grandmother (Gemma Jones).

Emily helps Dial stop the bleeding. Even though Jahar was eliminated, the mission was a failure to Collins because Dial was observed fleeing the scene on a security camera.

In the USA, Collins is being investigated for running a CIA Hit Squad, and if word gets back about Dial and the death of Jahar, Collins will be exposed.

Stopping at nothing to keep his name clean, Collins frames Dial for the murder of Chief Inspector Andrew Windsor (Charles Dance).

Now pursued by Collins and the British police, Dial must do whatever it takes to prove his innocence, knowing that Police Inspector Annette Ballard (Lena Headey), Windsor's vengeful daughter, is after him as well.

While Dial is being pursued by Collins and his rogue hit squad, Dial saves the life of Inspector Ballard who found herself in Collins' gunsights. Dial having earned Ballards trust, is watched by Ballard as Dial bids farewell to young Emily who is responsible for Dial's survival.


*Wesley Snipes - James Dial
*Eliza Bennett - Emily Day
*Lena Headey - Inspector Annette Ballard
*Ralph Brown - Jeremy Collins
*Charles Dance - Chief Inspector Andrew Windsor
*Gemma Jones - Mrs. Day
*Iain Robertson - Cramston
*Richard Harrington - Terry Mitchell
*John Standing - Sir Anthony


*Michael Biehn was scheduled to appear in this movie but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts with Planet Terror (2007).

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