Laki language

Laki language

states=Iran, Iraq
region=Central Zagros
speakers=ca. 1,500,000.
Laki or Leki a transitory language between the Southwestern and Northwestern Iranian languages. According to several sources it is classified as a dialect of Kurdish, although Ethnologue has cited its lexical similarity with the Lori dialects. [ [ Kurdish language - Britannica Online Encyclopedia ] ] [ [ Ethnologue report for language code:lki ] ] Laki is spoken in the central Zagros region of Iran (provinces of Ilam, Lorestan, Kermanshah, Hamedan, Qazvin, and Khuzestan) by the Laks. It is also spoken in Iraq.

Zayn al-‘Ābidīn Shīrvānī, the writer of the Persian geographic work Bustān al-siyāha (“The Garden of the travel”) in 19th century introduces the Laks as a Lur tribe. In our own times Īzadpanāh, the writer of the Laki-Persian dictionary, emphasizes the Luri identity of the Laks and calls it a misunderstanding to consider the Laks as a part of the Kurds. [Īzadpanāh, H., Farhang-i Lakī, Tehran: Mu’assisa-yi Farhangī-yi Jahāngīrī, 1367 Hš, p. xl.]


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