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Name = Launched
Type = Studio album
Artist = Beatsteaks

Background = lightsteelblue
Released = March 7, 2000
Recorded = 1999
K4 (Elektro Automatisch),
Berlin, Germany
Genre = Punk rock
Hardcore punk
Length = 49:57
inc hidden track
Label = Epitaph Records
Producer = Uwe Sabirowsky
Reviews = *Allmusic Rating|3|5 [ link]
Last album = "48/49"
This album = "Launched"
Next album = "Living Targets"
(2002) |

"Launched" is the second album from German hardcore punk band, Beatsteaks. It was released in March, 2000 on Epitaph Records and follows the band's debut release "48/49" in 1997 on XNO Records. The album contains an interesting half acoustic cover version of a song by heavy metal band, Manowar, "Kings of Metal". The band stayed with Epitaph Records for their next release, "Living Targets", in 2002.

Track listing

*All songs written by Beatsteaks unless stated otherwise
#"Panic" – 2:38
#"We Have to Figure It Out Tonight" – 1:36
#"Shut Up Stand Up" – 2:44
#"Shiny Shoes" – 2:59
#"2 O'Clock" – 2:58
#"Happy Now?" – 3:51
#"Mietzi's Song" – 2:44
#"Excited" – 1:24
#"...And Wait" – 3:45
#"Filter" – 2:20
#"Fake" – 3:14
#"Go" – 2:09
#"Kings of Metal" (Joey DeMaio) – 4:35
#"Schluß mit Rock 'n' Roll" – 12:54
*Track 14 is only actually 3:12 – the rest of the track starts at 4:15 and is taken from rehearsals


*Arnim Teutoburg-Weiß – vocals, guitar
*Peter Baumann – guitar
*Bernd Kurtzke – guitar
*Alexander Roßwaag – bass
*Thomas Götz – drums

* El Köfte and Holly – guest musicians on "Mietzi's Song" and "Schluß mit Rock 'n' Roll"
* Recorded in 1999 at K4 (Elektro Automatisch), Berlin, Germany
* Produced and engineered by Uwe Sabirowsky
* Co-produced by Beatsteaks
* Mixed at Nucleus Studio, Berlin, Germany
* Mastered by Howie Weinberg at Masterdisk, New York City, USA

External links

* [ Beatsteaks official website]
* [ Epitaph Records album page]

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