All in One Day

All in One Day

Infobox Single
Name = All in One Day

Artist = Ultravox
from Album = U-Vox
B-side = "Stateless"
"The Prize (Live)"
Released = June 8 1987
Format = 7" single, 12" single
Recorded = 1987
Genre = Synthpop, Electronic
Length = 04:17
Label = Chrysalis Records
Writer = Midge Ure, Chris Cross, Billy Currie
Producer = Ultravox
Last single = "All Fall Down" (1986)
This single = "All Fall Down" (1987)
Next single = "Vienna 92" (1992)

"All in One Day" is the final single from Ultravox's 1986 album U-Vox, released on June 8, 1987. It is the last ever Ultravox release for their most popular incarnation with Midge Ure.

It is one of Ultravox's lowest-charting singles, stalling at #88 in the UK charts.

Track listing

7" version:

# "All in One Day" – 4:17
# "Stateless" – 2:51

12" version:

# "All in One Day" – 4:17
# "The Prize (Live)" – 4:56
# "Stateless" – 2:51

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