Area code 684

Area code 684

Area code 684 is the number assigned to telephones in American Samoa. The area code system is part of the North American Numbering Plan, NANP.

Access to telephones in this area from telephone outside the region need to be aware of the country code, which is "1". Business cards and letterhead may list their telephone number as +1 (684) xxx-xxxx, where x is also a number. 1 is not only the long distance access prefix within the United States but is also the country code.

Instructions for reaching telephone numbers in the area code

Calling instructions vary by country. For example, Singapore callers attempting to reach a telephone number in the 684 area code must dial "001" (service code to access international numbers) then "1" (country code for the United States and countries participating in the NANP) then the desired telephone number.

Most callers in the United States dial "1" (long distance access code) then "684" (area code), then the desired telephone number.


The 684 area code came into effect 2 October 2004. [ [ US Telephone Area Codes - List of US Cities - Long Distance Area Codes ] ] Before then, American Samoa did not participate in the NANP.


Area Code Box 1 | State =American Samoa| This = area code 684
N=Pacific Ocean, 808
S=Pacific Ocean, country code +683 in Niue
E=Pacific Ocean
W=country code +685 in Samoa

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