Gunting, means "scissors" in Filipino, Malaysian and Indonesian and is the component of Kali, Arnis and Eskrima that focuses on destroying the opponents ability to wield their weapon. This can be done by cutting the hand or wrist with a pair of blades (hence the name) but it can also be done with a single blade or with the empty hand by striking nerves and tensed muscles.

The Spyderco and later Cherusker Messer Gunting is a knife designed by GM Bram Frank of Common Sense Self Defence/ Street Combat. A Gunting knife was the first knife designed to be used closed most of the time. The Gunting comes in three basic formats, the red handled drone trainer, the blue handled Close Range Medium Impact Tool (CRMIPT) which is generally for law enforcement officers only, and the black handled fully live version. The CSSD/SC system utilises the basic FMA gunting motion with this tool to execute limb destruction's and aggressor control. If this method of defence fails the defendant he or she may open the gunting and escalate their force to control the situation.

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