List of South American television stations

List of South American television stations

This is a list of South American television stations.

Latin American Cable and Satellite Channels

* A&E Latin America dieddd
* Animal Planet Latin America
* BBC World Latin America
* Canal Fox
* Cinecanal
* Discovery Civilization
* Discovery Science Channel
* Discovery Turbo
* Disney Channel Latin America
* Enlace TBN
* EWTN Latin America
* Hallmark Channel regional versions)
* I.Sat
* Infinito Latino
* Jetix Latin America
* ManagemenTV
* Movie City
* MTV Latin America
* MuchMusic
* National Geographic Channel Latin America
* Nickelodeon Latin America
* People+Arts
* Retro
* Sony Entertainment Television
* Space
* Telehit
* The Film Channel
* The History Channel Latinoamérica
* Universal Channel
* VH1 Latin America
* Warner Channel


*Alef Network
* América 2 (Canal 2)
*América 24
*America Satelital
*America Sports
*Argentinisima Satelital
*Canal (á)
*Canal 11 Salta
*Canal 12 Cordoba
*Canal 12 Posadas
*ARTEAR (Arte Radiotelevisivo Argentino- Canal 13)
*Canal 26
*Canal 3 La Pampa (LU89)
*Canal 6 TV Alternativa
*Canal 7 (formerly known as ATC - Argentina Televisora Color)
*Canal 7 Santiago del Estero
*Canal 8 Mar del Plata
*Canal 9
*Canal del Turista
*Canal Luz Satelital
*Canal Rural Satelital
*CM (El canal de la música)
*Conexión 31
*Conexión Educativa
*Crónica TV
*El Bar TV
*El Garage TV
* TV
*Europa Europa (Pramer)
*Film & Arts
*Formar TV
*Fox Life Latin America
*Infinito TV
*Magazine 24
*Magic Kids
*National Geographic Channel Latino
*P&E (Política y Economía)
*Plus Satelital
*Red Educativa del Litoral
*Red Media Educativa
*Retro TV
*Rio de la Plata TV
*Rock & Pop TV
*Sembrando Satelital
*Siempre Mujer
*Solo Tango
**Telefe International
*TN (Todo Noticias)
*Tropicalisima Satelital
*TV5 Monde Amérique Latine
*TVI Satelital (Televisión Interactiva Satélital)
*TyC Max (Torneos y Competencias)
*TyC Sports (Torneos y Competencias)
*TyC Sports Internacional
*Utilisima Satelital


*Bolivisión (Canal 4)
*Red PAT
*Red A.D. Venir Internacional
*Red Uno
*Televisión Boliviana
*Televisión Católica


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See: List of Chilean television channels


*Body Channel
*Canaan TV
*Canal 13 (formerly known as TV Andina)
*Canal Capital
*Canal Congreso
*Canal Institucional
*Canal TRO - Televisión Regional del Oriente
*Canal Uno
*Caracol TV
**Caracol Internacional
*City TV Colombia
*CNC (Canal NotiColombia)
*Guasca TV
*Humor Channel
*Canal RCN (Radio Cadena Nacional)
*Señal Colombia
*TV Colombia
*TV Prensa
*Tele Amiga Internacional
*Televida Colombia


*Canal 1 Ecuador
**Canal 1 Internacional
**Ecuavisa Internacional
*TC Television
*Unsion TV


*América Televisión
*Andina de Televisión
*Perú TV
*Bethel TV
*Canal 33
*Canal N
*Congress Channel
*Frecuencia Latina
*Huascarán TV
*RBC Televisión
*Panamericana Televisión
*Peru Magico
*Plus TV
*Red Global
*TV Perú
*Uranio TV


*Red Guarani (TV2,TEVEDOS, Canal 2)
*Telefuturo (TV Acción, Canal 4)
*Paravisión (Canal 5)
*Sistema Nacional de Televisión - SNT Cerro Corá (Televisión Cerro Corá, Canal 9)
*El Trece (Teledifusora Paraguaya, Canal 13)


*ABC TV 4 Suriname
*Apintie Televisie Channel 10
*ATV - Algemene Televisie Verzorging (Telesur)
*Garuda TV
*Radika TV
*Ramasha TV
*RBN (Rapar Broadcasting Network)
*Sookha TV
*STVS (Surinaamse Televisie Stichting)
*TeVeSur (Nederland)
*Trishul Channel 20


*Monte Carlo Televisión (Canal 4) []
*Teveo (Canal 5) []
*Saeta TV (Canal 10) []
*Canal TV10 Rivera []
*Canal Once []
*Teledoce (Canal 12) []
*Paysandu TV []
*Prisma TV []
*TV Libre []
*Teve CIUDAD []
*Uno TV []
*VTV Uruguaya []
*VHP Televisión []
*Senal Regional Rocha (canal 8) []


"See List of Venezuelan television channels".

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