Betrayers of Kamigawa

Betrayers of Kamigawa

Infobox mtgset
Expansion Name = "Betrayers of Kamigawa"
Expansion Symbol =
Symbol Description = shuriken
Release Date = February 4, 2005
Mechanics = Ninja, Ki counters
Keywords = Ninjutsu, Offerings
Size = 165 (55 rares, 55 uncommons, 55 commons)
Expansion Code = BOK
Development Code = Wind
Last Set = ""
Previous Set = ""
Next Set = "Saviors of Kamigawa"
Block Name = Kamigawa
First Set = Champions of Kamigawa
Second Set = "Betrayers of Kamigawa"
Third Set = Saviors of Kamigawa
Last Set = ""
Previous Set = ""
Next Set = "Saviors of Kamigawa"

"Betrayers of Kamigawa" (or BoK) is the name of the expansion set which came out in February of 2005. It contains 165 cards. The set's story is inspired by Japanese medieval myths and revolves around the battle between spirits (kami) and living beings. Most of the cards have Japanese-flavored names. The set's expansion symbol is a shuriken, or ninja throwing star.


"Betrayers of Kamigawa" introduces several new mechanics to the game.
* Ninjutsu allows you to put a creature card from your hand into play tapped and attacking by paying a ninjutsu cost and returning an attacking, unblocked creature to its owner's hand.
* Offering allows you to partially pay for a spell by sacrificing a creature of a certain creature type, and lets the spell be played as an instant. This ability is used on five spirit creatures, the Patron spirits of five non-human species in Kamigawa.
* Heroes are creatures that, once a certain condition is met, flip over and become an entirely new creature.
* New costs for Splice onto Arcane - Splice onto Arcane abilities now have nonmana costs. Also, one card, Minamo's Meddling, counters a spell and whatever is spliced onto it is discarded.

Betrayers also features the first non-Wall creatures with defender.

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