National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

The National Astronomical Observatory of Japan (国立天文台 kokuritsu tenmondai?) (NAOJ) is an astronomical research organisation comprising several facilities in Japan, as well as an observatory in Hawaii. It was established in 1988 as an amalgamation of three existing research organizations - the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory of the University of Tokyo, International Latitude Observatory of Mizusawa, and a part of Research Institute of Atmospherics of Nagoya University.

In the 2004 reform of national research organizations, NAOJ became a division of the National Institutes of Natural Sciences.



Entrance of Mitaka Campus
65cm refractor dome, now Observatory History Museum
VERA Ishigakijima Station
Subaru Telescope
Mitaka Campus (Mitaka, Tokyo. 35°40′31″N 139°32′17″E / 35.6752172°N 139.5380831°E / 35.6752172; 139.5380831)
The Headquarters, Astronomy Data Center, Advanced Technology Center, Public Relations Center
Solar Flare Telescope, Sunspot Telescope, TAMA 300 gravitational wave detector
Tokyo Photoelectric Meridian Circle
Historical instruments: Solar Tower Telescope, 65cm refractor dome, 20cm refractor dome
Nobeyama Radio Observatory & Nobeyama Solar Radio Observatory (Minamimaki, Nagano, 35°56′28″N 138°28′13″E / 35.9410112°N 138.4702528°E / 35.9410112; 138.4702528)
45m Millimeter Radio Telescope, Nobeyama Millimeter Array, Nobeyama Radio Heliograph
Mizusawa VERA Observatory (Ōshū, Iwate. 39°08′06″N 141°08′00″E / 39.1350952°N 141.1332035°E / 39.1350952; 141.1332035)
20m radio telescope, 10m VLBI radio telescope
Historical building: Dr. Kimura Museum
Norikura Solar Observatory (Mt. Norikura, Nagano, 36°07′01″N 137°33′09″E / 36.116925°N 137.552528°E / 36.116925; 137.552528)
10cm Coronagraph, 25cm Coronagraph
Okayama Astrophysical Observatory (Mt. Chikurinji, Okayama. 34°34′34″N 133°35′39″E / 34.5760726°N 133.5941148°E / 34.5760726; 133.5941148)
188cm telescope, 91cm telescope, 65cm Coude-Type solar telescope
VERA 20m radio telescopes
Ogasawara. 27°05′30″N 142°13′00″E / 27.09167°N 142.2166667°E / 27.09167; 142.2166667
Iriki. 31°44′52″N 130°26′24″E / 31.7478213°N 130.4399443°E / 31.7478213; 130.4399443
Ishigakijima. 24°24′43.834″N 124°10′15.578″E / 24.41217611°N 124.17099389°E / 24.41217611; 124.17099389
Hawaii Observatory (Hawaii)
Subaru 8m telescope (Mt. Mauna Kea. 19°49′33″N 155°28′35″W / 19.825814°N 155.476455°W / 19.825814; -155.476455)
Hilo Base Facility (Hilo, Hawaii. 19°42′10″N 155°05′25″W / 19.70289°N 155.0902498°W / 19.70289; -155.0902498)


In 2004, NAOJ, in alliance with four other national institutes - the National Institute for Basic Biology, the National Institute for Fusion Science, the National Institute for Physiological Sciences, and the Institute for Molecular Science - established the National Institutes of Natural Sciences (NINS) to promote collaboration among researchers of the five constituent institutes.[1]

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