Voice of Freedom

Voice of Freedom

Voice of Freedom is a newsgathering organization and advocacy group that aims to inform citizens about "actions by our government that affect our...Freedom of Speech, Freedom to Peaceably Assemble and Freedom to petition the Government to redress of grievances".

Voice of Freedom began as a talk show on public access television in 1990. It was founded by Joe Redner, the owner of the Mons Venus strip club in Tampa, Florida, in response to the Tampa City Council attempting to place restrictions on the strip club industry. Voice of Freedom ultimately expanded to bring other so-called "abuses of political power, waste of taxpayer's money and the degradation of our Constitutional Guarantees" to citizens' attention.

Mons Venus and Redner have filed suits that have reached the Supreme Court and have become case law in many court cases.

Other uses

* The Voice Of Freedom is also a newspaper printed by the British National Party.
* Zëri i lirisë (Voice of Freedom) was also a press organ of Albanian Social-Democratic party.
* George W. Bush has called elections in occupied Iraq a "Voice of Freedom" [http://www.theage.com.au/news/Iraq/Bush-hails-Iraqs-voice-of-freedom/2005/01/31/1107020289107.html] .
* Voice of Freedom Ministries is a Christian organisation.
* The death of Vladimir Herzog was talked about as an "echo of the voice of freedom".
* Voice of Freedom is a Nancy Colletti song.
* Vedanta: Voice of Freedom is a book by Swami Vivekananda ( ISBN 0916356639 ).

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* [http://www.voiceoffreedom.com/ Voice of Freedom]

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