Gunhild of Wenden

Gunhild of Wenden

Gunhilda - mythical Wendish princess, daughter of Burislav.

During sagas she married Sweyn I of Denmark.

Mayby she was indical to Sigrid the Haughty.
*****Gunhild was the daughter of Mieszlo (aka Miseconus) King of Poland (Venden)and Dubrawka. She was the first wife of Sweyn Forkbeard (King of Denmark 986-1014, Norway 999-1014 & King of England 1013-1014)and the mother of Canute I (The Great, King of England 1016-1035) and Harold IV (King of Denmark 1014-1018).Her sister, Sigrid The Haughty, was Sweyn's second wife, mother of Astrid Margarite (aka Estrich) who first married Richard II (The Good, Duke of Normandy) and later Ulf Jarl Thorgilsson. PMcH

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