List of senior officers of British 1st Armoured Division

List of senior officers of British 1st Armoured Division

This is a list of senior officers of British 1st Armoured Division.

General Officers Commanding

* Major General R. Evans 03/09/39-24/08/40
* Major General C. W. M. Norrie 24/08/40-05/05/41
* Major General H. Lumsden 12/02/41-19/07/42 (wounded)
* Major General A. H. Gatehouse 19/07/42-22/07/42 (wounded)
* Brigadier A. E. Fisher 22/07/42-15/08/42 (acting GOC)
* Major General H. Lumsden 15/08/42-19/08/42
* Major General R. Briggs 19/08/42-27/04/43
* Brigadier T. J. B. Bosville 27/04/43-01/05/43 (acting GOC)
* Major General R. Briggs 01/05/43-15/07/43
* Brigadier R. Peake 15/07/43-17/07/43 (acting GOC)
* Major General A. Galloway 17/07/43-18/02/44
* Brigadier E. P. N. Jones 18/02/44-29/02/44 (acting GOC)
* Major General A. Galloway 29/04/44-08/03/44
* Brigadier G. W. Goodbody 08/03/44-14/03/44 (acting GOC)
* Brigadier E. P. N. Jones 14/03/44-19/03/44 (acting GOC)
* Colonel J. R. MacDonnell 19/03/44-24/03/44 (acting GOC)
* Brigadier E. P. N. Jones 24/03/44-27/03/44 (acting GOC)
* Major General A. Galloway 27/03/44-10/04/44
* Brigadier E. P. N. Jones 10/04/44-15/04/44 (acting GOC)
* Major General A. Galloway 15/04/44-27/04/44
* Brigadier E. P. N. Jones 27/04/44-10/05/44 (acting GOC)
* Major General A. Galloway 10/05/44-14/08/44
* Major General R. A. Hull 14/08/44-24/11/44
* Lieutenant Colonel T. E. F. Vogel 24/11/44-11/10/45

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