List of Williams College Bicentennial Medal Winners

List of Williams College Bicentennial Medal Winners

The Williams College Bicentennial Medal, was created by Williams College in 1993, the College's 200th anniversary. The Bicentennial Medals "honor members of the Williams community for distinguished achievement in any field of endeavor."cite web | title = Convocation 2007 Bicentennial Award Citations | url= | accessdate = 2007-09-13 ]

The following is a table listing the number of winners who graduated per five year period.


*John C. Bennett, Class of 1924
*Michael Beschloss, Class of 1977
*Janet H. Brown, Class of 1973
*James M. Burns, Class of 1939
*Dennis Butler, Class of 1987
*Lucy Calkins, Class of 1973
*Delos M. Cosgrove, Class of 1962
*Gordon J. Davis, Class of 1963
*Rev. Charles W. Gilchrist, Class of 1958
*William Hoch, Class of 1989
*Lee F. Jackson, Class of 1989
*Kristine Karlson, Class of 1985
*Colin McCord, Class of 1949
*Charlotte Neuville, Class of 1973
*Robert Oxnam, Class of 1964
*Michael Reed, Class of 1975
*Jack Sawyer, Class of 1939
*Whitney S. Stoddard, Class of 1935
*M. Jay Tarses, Class of 1961
*Telford Taylor, Class of 1928
*Kirk Varnedoe, Class of 1967
*E. Wayne Wilkins, Class of 1941
*Del de Windt, Class of 1943


*Stephen S. Clarey, Class of 1962
*Steven A. Gould, Class of 1968
*Tracy P. Lewis, Class of 1983
*John Malcolm, Class of 1972
*J. Hodge Markgraf, Class of 1952
*Jon Stone, Class of 1952


*William M. Boyd II, Class of 1963
*John W. Chandler
*Joseph C. Harsch, Class of 1927
*William M. Partington, Class of 1950
*Earl A. Powell III, Class of 1966
*Ellen Vargyas, Class of 1971


*S. Lane Faison, Class of 1929
*Tao Ho, Class of 1960
*Wendy W. Jacob, Class of 1980
*John R. Lane, Class of 1966
*Channing G. Lowe, Class of 1975
*A. Laurie Palmer, Class of 1981
*Arthur K. Wheelock, Class of 1965


*John Frankenheimer, Class of 1951
*Paul Grogan, Class of 1972
*A. Clayton Spencer, Class of 1977
*Henry Strong, Class of 1949
*John Toland, Class of 1936
*Rev. Preston Washington, Class of 1970


*Dr. Lisa Capaldini, Class of 1978
*Stephen Case, Class of 1980
*William Finn, Class of 1974
*George Kennedy, Class of 1948
*Richard Moe, Class of 1959
*Dr. Frank Richards, Class of 1975
*Martha A. Williamson, Class of 1977


*Tsong-Zung J. Chang, Class of 1973
*Martha M. Coakley, Class of 1975
*Dominick Dunne, Class of 1949
*Henry N. Flynt Jr., Class of 1944
*James P. Stearns, Class of 1970
*Joseph C. Thompson, Class of 1981


*David Battey, Class of 1985
*Richard Helms, Class of 1935
*George Hyde, Class of 1949
*Margaret Lowman, Class of 1976
*Steven Rogers, Class of 1979


*Robert J. Kelleher, Class of 1935
*Arthur Levitt Jr., Class of 1952
*Karen DeLong Parles, Class of 1981
*William Bo S. Peabody, Class of 1994
*Dr. Deborah M. Robinson, Class of 1978
*Gregory H. Zaff, Class of 1984


*Mitchell J. Besser, Class of 1976
*Robert T. Coulter, Class of 1966
*Patricia Hellman Gibbs, Class of 1982
*Alvin B. Kernan, Class of 1949
*John W. Kifner, Class of 1963
*Charles H. Shaw, Class of 1955


*Charles M. Collins, Class of 1969
*Stephen J. Farley, Class of 1985
*Regina A. Kelly, Class of 1986
*Stephen S. Marino, Class of 1976
*Edmund M. Mauro Jr., Class of 1954
*George H. McCracken Jr., Class of 1958
*Stacy Schiff, Class of 1982


*Felix Grossman, Class of 1956
*Sonia Nazario, Class of 1982
*Clarence Otis, Class of 1977
*Richard Repp, Class of 1957
*Kevin White, Class of 1952


*Glenn Lowry, Class of 1976
*Bernard Bailyn, Class of 1944
*Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Class of 1950
*A. R. Gurney, Class of 1952
*Inigo Manglano-Ovalle, Class of 1983
*Marisa Reddy Randazzo, Class of 1989


*Elizabeth A. Andersen, Class of 1987
*Gregory M. Avis, Class of 1980
*Stanley O. Foster, Class of 1955
*Eric Reeves, Class of 1972
*Catherine M. Salser, Class of 1988
*Anna L. Waring, Class of 1978


*Stephen R. Lewis, Class of 1960
*Thomas W. Payzant, Class of 1962
*H. Ward Marston IV, Class of 1973
*Read Zars, Class of 1977
*Alice P. Albright, Class of 1983
*Margaret G. Kim, Class of 1991

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