Zhu Quan, Prince of Ning

Zhu Quan, Prince of Ning

Zhu Quan (朱权 / 朱權), The Prince of Ning (宁王), (1378 – 1448) was the 17th son of Ming Emperor Hongwu Zhu Yuanzhang; a military commander, historian and playwright, great tea connoisseur and a qin player.

Pseudonym: Mr. Dan Qiu, Da Ming Qi Shi, The Odd Scholar of Great Ming, the Emmanciated Immortal 臞仙.

Zhu Quan was a military commander, famous for his masterly art of war. In his late years, he retired completely from politics. A great lover of books, he funded the publishing of many rare books. Prince Ning himself wrote many books on history and drama, including "The Secret History of Han and Tang Dynasty" and "Eloping Xianru". His most famous book was 茶谱 Cha Pu, Tea manual of 1440. He is also the ancestor of famous Chinese painter Zhu Da.

Zhu Quan is an important person in the guqin world, for compling the important 神奇秘譜 "Shenqi Mipu" [Mysterious and Marvellous Tablatures] of 1425, the earliest discovered collection of qin scores found.

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