Adam Mayfair

Adam Mayfair

Infobox character
name =Dr. Adam Mayfair

caption = Nathan Fillion as Adam Mayfair.
first = Now You Know "(episode 4.01)"
last = Free "(episode 4.17)"
cause = he and Katherine split up
alias =
species =
gender = Male
age = 39 (last appearance)
occupation = Gynecologist
title =
family =
spouse = Katherine Mayfair (ex-wife)
Sylvia Greene (ex-mistress, deceased)
children = Dylan Mayfair (adoptive step-daughter)
Dylan Davis (step-daughter; "deceased")
relatives =
portrayer = Nathan Fillion
creator = Marc Cherry

Dr. Adam Mayfair is a fictional character on the ABC television series "Desperate Housewives". Born in 1968. The character is played by actor Nathan Fillion.

Adam moves in Wisteria Lane with his wife Katherine Mayfair and step daughter Dylan Mayfair. As he is moving boxes into the house, he meets four Wisteria Lane residents: Bree Hodge, Susan Delfino, Gabrielle Marquez and Lynette Scavo, and Katherine tells the ladies that Adam is a doctor. Adam tells Susan in front of her and her husband Mike Delfino that she is pregnant. He and Katherine find an attic room in their house and Adam asks her "Is this the room?" Katherine tells him that it is, and that Dylan wants to move into it, however she will not allow it. When he questions her whether they made a mistake moving back to Wisteria Lane, she tells him that they did not have a choice. [ Desperate Housewives Episode 4x01: Now You Know] It is often implied he has a history as a ladies' man [Desperate Housewives Episode 4x03: The Game] and indeed it is revealed that he left Chicago because of a patient who sued him for sexual assault after he left her, although he let Katherine believe she was just an erotomaniac. [ Desperate Housewives Episode 4x09: Something is Coming] When she finds out, she asks him to leave which he does and while packing his stuff he finds Lilian's note and discovers Katherine's mystery making him decide to actually walk out on her. [ Desperate Housewives Episode 4x10: Welcome to Kanagawa] In episode 4.11, Dylan wants to talk to Adam because she is willing to know the truth about her father. Adam meets with Katherine before talking to Dylan, and they decide that he should learn what Dylan knows and what she doesn't, and then Adam would make up something. After this, Katherine tells him that she wants to patch things up with him, but Adam guarantees that he will give her one last alibi, but then he is done with her.

In the Season 4 finale, Adam and Katherine seemed to have re-kindled their marriage. They even go to Dylan's cello recital together, as a family. Since Adam had never seen a photo or ever met Wayne he didn't know he was also at the recital. Wayne asked Adam during the intermission to help with some car trouble he was having. Wayne then knocks Adam un-conscious with a tire iron. Wayne takes him to some abandoned shack and beats to the point where Wayne thinks he has killed him. After Wayne leaves to deal with Katherine, Adam who was never really dead, steals a mans car and heads to Wisteria Lane to save Katherine from Wayne's wrath. He shows up just as Wayne is about to shoot Katherine. The two men engage in an off-screen scuffle and Wayne shoots himself in the abdomen. Bree then takes Adam to get cleaned up. He isn't seen after that. In the 5-year leap it is assumed that Katherine and Adam are divorced because there is no sign of Adam.


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