List of National Historic Landmarks in Florida

List of National Historic Landmarks in Florida

] The state of Florida is home to 39 of these landmarks, highlighting its history from Pre-Columbian times all the way through the Space Age.

Also included is a list of historical sites in Florida managed by the U.S. National Park Service which also have national significance.

Current NHLs

The NHLs in Florida are distributed across 22 of Florida's 67 counties. The table below lists all 39 of these sites.

Historic areas of the NPS in Florida

National Historic Sites, National Historical Parks, some National Monuments, and certain other areas listed in the National Park system are historic landmarks of national importance that are highly protected already, often before the inauguration of the NHL program in 1960, and are then often not also named NHLs "per se". There are six of these in Florida. The National Park Service lists these six together with the NHLs in the state,These are listed on p.111 of "National Historic Landmarks Survey: List of National Historic Landmarks by State", November 2007 version.]

They are:


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