Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1987

Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest 1987

Sweden selected an entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 1987 by holding a preselection show named "Melodifestivalen 1987". Out of 1 502 submitted songs and 12 songs in the final, the entry "Fyra Bugg och en Coca-Cola" was chosen. It was performed by Lotta Engberg, and written/composed by Christer Lundh and Mikael Wendt.

As the songs title contained the trademark names Coca-Cola and the Swedish chewing gum Bugg, the European Broadcasting Union demanded that the lyrics would be changed before the Brussels final, so the song was renamed "Boogaloo". It was drawn to perform at start position 12. After the voting, Sweden had received 50 points, which leaded to a 12th place (out of 22). This was the worst placement for Sweden in eight years.

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