Carpenter (surname)

Carpenter (surname)

Carpenter is a surname.


* Aaron Carpenter, Canadian rugby player
* Alan Carpenter, Australian politician
* Alfred Francis Blakeney Carpenter, British naval officer
* Archibald Boyd Boyd-Carpenter, British politician


* Bill Carpenter, American football player and Army officer
* Bob Carpenter, American ice hockey player
* Bob Carpenter (sportscaster), American radio personality
* Bobby Carpenter (football player), American football linebacker


* Cassie Carpenter, fictional character from "EastEnders"
* Charisma Carpenter, actress
* Chris Carpenter, starting pitcher in Major League Baseball who has played for the St. Louis Cardinals since 2003
* Clarence Ray (C.R.) Carpenter, American primatologist.
* Cole Carpenter, retired American porn model and pornographic actor from the mid 1980s
* Connie Carpenter-Phinney, American professional cycle racer and speed skater who won four medals in World Cycling Championship competitions


* David Carpenter (historian), leading authority on the history of Britain in the central Middle Ages
* David Carpenter (writer), Canadian novelist who lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
* Doug Carpenter, former head coach in the NHL, QMJHL, and AHL


* Ed Carpenter (artist)
* Ed Carpenter (racecar driver), an Indy Racing League driver
* Edward Carpenter, socialist poet, anthologist, and an early homosexual activist


* Frank G. Carpenter, 1920s travel guide author
* Frank M. Carpenter, curator of fossil insects at the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology for 60 years
* Francis Bicknell Carpenter, 19th century American painter.


* George Carpenter, the 5th General of The Salvation Army


* Hannah Carpenter, fictional character from "EastEnders"
* Harry Carpenter, BBC sports commentator from the early 1950s until his retirement in the 1990s
* Humphrey Carpenter, English biographer, author and radio broadcaster


* Jake Burton Carpenter, owner of Burton Snowboards
* James Carpenter, British astronomer at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich
* James Madison Carpenter, Methodist minister, folklorist
* Jennifer Carpenter, American actress
* John Carpenter (born 1948), American film director, screenwriter, producer, actor, and film music composer
* John C. Carpenter, American athlete who competed in the 1908 Summer Olympics
* John Carpenter (Who Wants to be a Millionaire winner), first winner of Who wants to be a Millionaire US
* John Alden Carpenter (1876-1951), American composer
* John Boyd-Carpenter, Baron Boyd-Carpenter, British politician
* Juliet Winters Carpenter, award-winning translator of modern Japanese literature into English


* Karen Carpenter, singer and musician, The Carpenters
* Keion Carpenter, American football defensive back for the Atlanta Falcons
* Kelvin Carpenter, fictional character from "EastEnders"
* Ken Carpenter, the USC's first two-time NCAA champion in a weight event
* Ken Carpenter, American road bicycle racer and track cyclist
* Ken Carpenter, actor in "Hellraiser III", "Tammy and the T-Rex"
* Kenneth Carpenter, paleontologist at the Denver Museum of Natural History and author or co-author of a number of books on dinosaurs and Mesozoic life
* Kip Carpenter, American speed skater


* Lant Carpenter, English educator and Unitarian minister
* Lauren Carpenter, fictional character in the Australian soap opera Neighbours
* Loren Carpenter, computer graphics researcher and developer
* Lou Carpenter, popular character from the Australian television soap opera Neighbours
* Louise Carpenter, fictional character in the Australian soap opera Neighbours


* Mary Carpenter, English educational and social reformer
* Mary Chapin Carpenter, country music singer-songwriter
* Matthew H. Carpenter, member of the Republican Party who served in the United States Senate for the state of Wisconsin from 1869 - 1875 and again from 1879 - 1881
* Merlin Carpenter, artist
* Michael Carpenter, American porn director
* Matthew P. Carpenter, All county athlete, Discus Conference Champion


* Paul Carpenter (actor), actor
* Paul Carpenter (baseball player), minor league baseball player


* Rhys Carpenter, classical art historian and professor at Bryn Mawr College
* Richard Carpenter (Architect), British Victorian architect
* Richard Carpenter (screenwriter), British screenwriter
* Richard Carpenter (musician), American musician The Carpenters
* Richard Cromwell Carpenter, British 19th century architect
* Robert C. Carpenter, Republican member of the North Carolina General Assembly representing the state's fiftieth Senate district
* Robert P. Carpenter, professional cricketer for Cambridge and All-England Eleven
* Rolla C. Carpenter, American engineer
* Rollo Carpenter, the creator of Jabberwacky

* Scott Carpenter, Mercury program astronaut
* Shawn and Taylor Carpenter, American television actors
* Shawn Carpenter, American Navy veteran
* Stephen Carpenter, US musician


* Terry Carpenter, Nebraska politician
* Thelma Carpenter, jazz singer and actress
* Tim Carpenter, Democratic member of the Wisconsin Senate from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
* Tony Carpenter, fictional character from "EastEnders"


* William Benjamin Carpenter, (1813–1885) English physiologist and naturalist
* William Boyd Carpenter, English clergyman
* William Carpenter (Australian politician), Australian politician
* William Henry Carpenter (philologist), American philologist
* William Vincent Carpenter, English colonist

Equivalent names in other languages

* List of people called Charpentier, French equivalent
* List of people called Zimmermann, German equivalent

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