Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information

Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information

Naval Nuclear Propulsion Information (NNPI) is a category of intellectual capital defined by the United States Navy to be "that information and/or hardware concerning the design, arrangement, development, manufacturing, testing, operation, administration, training, maintenance, and repair of the propulsion plants of Naval Nuclear Powered Ships including the associated shipboard and shore-based nuclear support facilities." [1]

It is not a broad classified information category. While most NNPI is sensitive, the Navy recognizes that the public has an interest in environmental, safety, and health information, and that the basic research carried out by the Navy can be useful to industry. Unclassified information is therefore marked with the acronym "U-NNPI", but is still restricted as NOFORN. [2]

Regardless of the above technical definitions, as a practical matter NNPI is explicitly protected information and is not released to the general public without authority.[citation needed] The fact that NNPI-U is not "classified information" is a legal matter, but for all intents and purposes it is treated as such. Those who release even NNPI-U without authority may be administratively punished, and even criminally in the case of NNPI-C.[citation needed]

In some instances, small events that would normally be reported as "Events" or LOC (Loss of Control) to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission from other licensees can be classified as NNPI-C [3]. This designation differs for similar "events" that occur on a secret network, which are referred to as "spillage".


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