Salvador Larroca

Salvador Larroca

Salvador Larroca (born 1964) is a Spanish comic book artist, primarily known for his work on various X-Men titles.


Salvador Larroca was born and raised in Valencia, Spain. After several years of working as a cartographer, he began working as a comic artist at Marvel UK, the Britain-based imprint of Marvel Comics. Larroca was working at Marvel UK when he contributed to "Dark Angel" and "Death's Head II." At some point, Larroca began to work on mainstream North American comics, such as DC Comics' "Flash". Afterwards, Larroca did a three year run on Marvel Comics' "Ghost Rider", during the mid 1990s. It wasn't until after his run on "Ghost Rider", that Larroca would gain the exposure needed to become known as one of the most prominent comic book artists in The United States.

Following Marvel's experiment with the various Heroes Reborn titles, editor Bobbie Chase gave Larroca the task of penciling the return of Captain America, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, the Avengers, and several other superheores, in the "Heroes Return" mini-series. After the departure of Alan Davis on "Fantastic Four", Larroca was give the reins along with writer Chris Claremont. Larroca and Claremont had a three year long run on the title.

Larroca left the title penciling chores in the hands of new writer/penciler, Carlos Pacheco, while Larroca went on to do several issues of "Uncanny X-Men", after the departure of Adam Kubert, who left to work on "Ultimate X-Men". Larroca then proceeded to rejoin with writer Chris Claremont, on "X-Treme X-Men". Larroca stayed on the title for twenty-four issues, at which point he was asked to work on the initial run of Marvel's new Tsunami imprint title, called "Namor". Meanwhile Larroca worked on various mini-series projects, including "Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra" and "Ultimate Elektra".

Larroca was asked to draw "fill-in" issues of "Uncanny X-Men" and "X-Men". These issues led up to the "X-Men Reload" event, as the titles gained new writers, artists, and story direction. Larroca joined with writer Chuck Austen on "X-Men". During his run of "X-Men", Larroca took a side job drawing "" mini-series. Larroca was drawing "X-Men", but with a new writer on the title, Peter Milligan. He left X-Men in June and is joining Warren Ellis on newuniversal, a remake of Marvel's New Universe.

Larroca was announced as one of the four artists to draw Amazing Spider-Man .


* "Excalibur" #107-110
* "Fantastic Four" Vol. 3 #4-32
* "Heroes Reborn: The Return" #1-4
* "Namor" #1-6
* "Spider-Man: House of M" #1-5
* "Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra" #1-4
* "Ultimate Elektra" #1-5
* "Uncanny X-Men" #387-393, 439-443, 487-492
* "X-Men" #155-179, 182-187
* "X-Treme X-Men" #1-24
* "X-Treme X-Men Annual" 2001
* "Ultimate X-Men Annual" #2 & #88-93
* "newuniversal" #1-Present
* "What If? Vol 2" #27

* "Hulk Annual" #20
* "Namor" #1-7
* "Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe: X-Men 2004, Spider-Man 2004, Avengers 2004, Hulk 2004, Daredevil 2004, Wolverine 2004, & Book of the Dead 2004, X-Men 2005
* "Spider-Man Unlimited (V2)" #9
* "Spider-Man: House of M" #1-5
* "Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra" #1-4
* "Ultimate Elektra" #1-5
* "Uncanny X-Men" #387-390, 392, 439-443
* "X-Men" #155-187
* "X-Treme X-Men" #1-46
* "X-Treme X-Men Annual" 2001
* "Ultimate X-Men Annual" #2
* "Ultimate Fantastic Four" #39-41
* "New Excalibur" #16-18
* "newuniversal" #1 (1st Edition)-Present
* "What If? Vol 2" #27


* [ Articles: Interview: Salvador Larroca (3/19/99)] - Interview with the artist at []

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