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Brazilian British

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caption = Notable Brazilian British: Taio Cruz, Phil Lynott, Juliano Belletti
poptime = 15,215 (2001) [ Place of birth data collated by OECD based on 2001 UK Census] ]
2001 Census for Brazilian born Brazilian Britons only
200,000 - 300,000 (2006)cite web|url=|title=Crossing borders: Latin American exiles in London|author=Sofia Buchuck|publisher=untoldLondon|accessdate=2008-04-12] [ [ London, A Latin American City] ]
2006 Estimates for Brazilian and UK (amongst other locations) born Brazilian Britons
Up to 0.5% of the UK's population

popplace = London (in particular Bayswater, Brent, Harlesden, Kensal Green and Willesden Green)PeterboroughWisbechKing's LynnNorfolkGreat Yarmouth
langs = English (British English)Portuguese (Brazilian Portuguese)
rels = Predominantly Roman Catholic
related = Brazilian diasporaLatin American BritonsPortuguese BritonsMediterraneanGreek BritonsItalian Britons

:"This article is about British people of Brazilian descent. For Brazilian people of British descent see: English Brazilian, Scottish Brazilian"

Brazilian British people ( _pt. britânico brasileiro) are people in the United Kingdom, both British citizens and non-citizen immigrants, who are of Brazilian ancestry. The Brazilian British population is the largest Brazilian diaspora in Europe and the fourth largest on the planet, after the USA, Paraguay and Japan.


Brazilians came to the UK from the 1980s onwards to study, but once they arrived some discovered that the major cities' (in particular London's) ethnic and cultural diversity offered more professional opportunities. [ [ Reasons for Brazilians visiting the UK and staying] ] In part, this immigration of Brazilians to Britain is a consequence of the economic possibility of travel. [ [ Reasons for Brazilians visiting the UK and staying] ] The Brazilian community has the biggest Latin American population throughout the whole of the UK. The Brazilian community in the UK is known for its multicultural diversity of European (including Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Italian), African, Amerindian and East Asian (mostly Japanese) elements. [ [ Brazil is one of earth's most diverse nations] ]


It is hard to tell how many Brazilians actually live in the UK, as there has not been a census for seven years, in which time the population has changed dramatically. The 1991 Census recorded 9,301 Brazilian born people in the UK, [ [ Brazilian born people in the UK in 1991] ] and the 2001 Census recorded 15,215,. One estimate of the current British Brazilian population, including those of Brazilian descent, puts it at between 200,000 and 300,000. [ [ Diversity news page ] ] [ [ London, A Latin American City] ]

Population distribution

Like most minority ethnic groups in the United Kingdom, Brazilians are largely concentrated in the British capital London, where over 60,000 Brazilians are estimated to reside. [ [ Brazilians in London] ] Bayswater in the City of Westminster is often known as Brazilswater, and in the London Borough of Brent, the Portuguese language is the second most spoken (after English) also due to the area's large Portuguese British population. [ [ Brent ranks amongst the most popular destinations in Britain for Lusitanic expatriates] ] Other cities and towns with large Brazilian communities include Peterborough, Wisbech, Brighton, King's Lynn, Norfolk and Great Yarmouth.fact|date=June 2008


According to 2001 findings, only 57.38% of new Brazilian migrants of working age to the UK were employed, compared to 80.7% for settled Brazilian-born immigrants, which makes them one of the most successful settled British ethnic groups. [ [ Economics of Brazilians in the UK] ]


Brazil is possibly the world's most ethnically diverse nation, and Brazilians are usually categorised into five sub-groups: White Brazilians, Pardos, Afro-Brazilians, Asian Brazilians and indigenous peoples. It is unknown what proportion of the Brazilian British population falls into each of these groups.



Brazilian food, restaurants and bars are becoming increasingly popular across the UK, with the majority being found in the Brazilian hub that is London. [ [ Brazilian food in the capital] ] Rodizio Rico is a chain of Brazilian restaurants/bars that can be found in the capital [] . Unlike Brazilian late night venues, which tend to be only located in the larger cities, Brazilian restaurants can be found across the United Kingdom [] .


Night clubs in the British capital have been heavily influenced by the Latin American culture, [ [ Latin American influence on London's nightlife] ] and Brazilian themed clubs and bars can be found across the country.fact|date=June 2008 The most famous by far is the UK's largest Brazilian late night venue, Guanabara on Parker Street in Holborn, London [] , which is popular with Brazilians and non Brazilians alike and plays host to DJ's, live acts and much more. Other venues include Favela Chic in the City of London [] and Brazilian Heat Night Club in Kingston-upon-Thames [] . There are also various nightclubs and nightclub chains across the country which have Brazilian themed nights, Po Na Na Souk Bar is an example [] .


The Brazilian television channel Rede Record can be found on Sky channel 801, and Record Radio can be found on 0206. There are also many newspapers throughout the UK, which cater specificly for the Brazilian British community. [ [ Brazilian publications in the UK ] ]


The Brazilian British population is so significant that there are even some Brazilian-organized teams playing in official English leagues: Brazilian Football Club (London) [ [ Brazilian Football Club's official webpage ] ] , Brazilians United Football Club (Bournemouth). Kickers is also a Brazilian team competing for the FutSal top league.

Notable Brazilian British People

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