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Buffalo Thunder in "Christmas in the Clouds"

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Steve Sandalis (born July 24, 1970) is an American model, bodybuilder and actor. He is best know for being "The Topaz Man" and appearing on over 700 Romance novel covers. [ [ Steve Sandalis Book Covers ] ] Steve's image is on over 50 million books. [ [ Katy ] ] Steve is a household name to the over 70 million [ [ Katy ] ] fans of the romance genre worldwide. Considered very handsome and classically well built, Steve has become one of the most prolific male romance cover models of all time. Before retiring in 1996 he was a fan favorite attending many publishing industry conventions and events.

Steve was attending the University of South Florida in
Tampa, Florida where he started modeling. He was discovered by Mary Anne Palumbo, publicity director of Penguin Books, who chose him to be "The Topaz Man" on a series of romance novels. In 1995 he won the Mr. Hercules Body Building Competition. Steve claims he was named after Steve Reeves, who played the lead role in the movie Hercules (1958 film). [ [ Cover Models ] ] In 2002 he was rank one of the sexist men alive by Playgirl Magazine [ [ Katy ] ] , he was Playgirl's cover man Feb. 1994. [ [ Playgirl Magazine Back Issues Used Archived BackIssues for Collectors ] ]

TV and film career

Steve was a contestant and winner on "Star Search" in the male model competition. [ [ Cover Models ] ]

Entertainment Tonight, Access Hollywood, Geraldo, Extra, E! Entertainment, Leeza, Maury Povich, Joan Rivers, Hard Copy and Donahue have all done stories on Steve Sandalis.

Partial list of TV and Movie Roles:

Himself on the Discovery Channel TV Show "The Undetectables" (2005) [ [ The UnDetectables - The Team ] ] [ [ "UnDetectables" (2005) ] ]
Steve Johnson in Where the Red Fern Grows (2003) [ [ Where the Red Fern Grows (2003) ] ]
Sergeant in "Outta Time" (2002) [ [ Outta Time (2002) ] ]
Hawke in "Santira" (2002) [ [ "Santiara" (2002) ] ]
Buffalo Thunder in "Christmas in the Clouds" (2001) [ [ Christmas in the Clouds (2001) ] ]
Roman Soldier in "The Emissary: A Biblical Epic" (1997) [ [ The Emissary: A Biblical Epic (1997) ] ]
John in "Erotic Confessions" (1994) [ [ "Erotic Confessions" (1994) ] ] Episode: "Off the Menu"(1996) [ [ "Erotic Confessions" Off the Menu (1996) ] ]

Personal life

Steve grew up on Long Island, New York and is a graduate of Commack High School South in 1986. He has also lived in Florida before moving to California where he lives in Encino. Steve met his future wife Katy Wallin in 1996 while doing promotional work. Katy is a casting agent [ [ Katy Katy Wallin Casting Profile ] ] . Steve and Katy were married in 1998. [ [ Cover Models ] ] They have a son named Stefan in born2001 [ [ LooksBooks ] ] .

Book Covers Appearances

Partial list of Steve Sandalis' book cover appearances listed by author:

ALLEN, DANICE Beloved Rivals (Diamond '93)
ALSOBROOK, ROSALYN Passion For Hire (Zebra '93); Passion's Bold Fire (Zebra '93)
AMARILLAS, SUSAN Snow Angel (Harlequin Historical '93)
ANDERSON, CATHERINE Cheyenne Amber (Harper '94)
AVERY, ANNE A Distant Star (Love Spell '93)

BAKER, MADELINE A Whisper In The Wind (Leisure '91); Beneath A Midnight Moon (Leisure '94); Cheyenne Surrender (Leisure '94); Comanche Flame (Leisure '94); The Angel And The Outlaw (Leisure '96); The Spirit Path (Leisure '93) - On Stepback Only; Warrior's Lady (Leisure '93)
BALE, KAREN A. Apache's Angel (Zebra '92); Apache's Desire (Zebra '93)
BALOGH, MARY Deceived (Onyx '93); Indiscreet (Jove '97); Longing (Topaz '94); Tangled (Topaz '94)
BARBIERI, ELAINE Dance of The Flame (Leisure '95); To Love A Stranger (Zebra '93)
BARCLAY, SUZANNE Lion's Heart (Harlequin Historical '95)
BARTELL, LINDA L. Tender Warrior (Zebra '92)
BEVERLEY, JO Dark Champion (Avon '93)
BIGGS, CHERYL Mississippi Flame (Zebra '93)
BIRMINGHAM, SONYA Almost A Lady (Avon '93); Renegade Lady (Avon '92)
BISHOP, SANDRA Beloved Savage (Zebra '90)
BITTNER, ROSANNE Sioux Splendor (Zebra '95)
BLAKE, JENNIFER Tender Betrayal (Fawcett '93)
BLAKE, VERONICA Colorado Passion (Zebra '92)
BONANDER, JANE Heat Of A Savage Moon (St. Martin's Press '93)
BONDS, PARRIS AFTON Tame The Wildest Heart (Harper '94)
BONNER, ELIZABETH A Vow To Keep (Diamond '93)
BOURNE, CAROLINE Emerald Dreams (Zebra '93); Love's Perfect Dream (Zebra '93)
BRANDON, MICHELLE Heaven On Earth (Diamond '93)
BROOKS, BETTY Apache Captive (Zebra '90); Beloved Viking (Zebra '94); Comanche Passion (Zebra '92)
BROWN, VIRGINIA Comanche Moon (Zebra '93); Wildflower (Zebra '92)
BROWNLEY, MARGARET Petticoats And Pistols (Topaz '95); Rawhide and Lace (Topaz '94); The Kissing Bandit (Topaz '93); Wind Song (Topaz '94)
BRYAN, JESSICA Beneath A Sapphire Sea (Bantam '93)
BURGESS, MALLORY Beloved Heart (Zebra '97)
BURKHARDT, MARY Highland Ecstasy (Zebra '93)
BYERS, CORDIA The Black Angel (Fawcett '93)

CAMDEN, PATRICIA Scarlet Kisses (Avon '92)
CAMP, DEBORAH Master of Moonspell (Avon '93)
CAMPBELL, MARILYN Just In Time (Topaz '96); Stardust Dreams (Topaz '93); Stolen Dreams (Topaz '94); Worlds Apart (Topaz '94)
CANTRELL, RAINE Darling Annie (Topaz '94); Tarnished Hearts (Topaz '94); Whisper My Name (Topaz '94) ' - On Spine Only
CARBERRY, ANN Nevada Heat (Diamond '93)
CHASTAIN, SANDRA Night Dreams -Loveswept 59 (Bantam '93); Raven And The Cowboy (Bantam '96)
CHRISTOPHER, AMY Captive Kiss (Zebra '92)
CLARK, LOUISE Lover's Knot (Love Spell '94)
CONNELL, SUSAN Looks Like Love ' Loveswept 67 (Bantam '94)
COULTER, CATHERINE Lord Harry (Topaz '95); The Duke (Topaz '95); The Rebel Bride (Topaz'94)
CRAWFORD, ELAINE Captive Angel (Diamond '92)
CREEL, CATHERINE Wild Song (Fawcett '96)
CRESSWELL, JASMINE Prince Of The Night (Topaz '95); Timeless (Topaz '94); To Catch The Wind (Topaz '93)
CRISWELL, MILLIE Diamond In The Rough (Harper '94); Phantom Lover (Harper '93)
CROSBY, TANYA ANNE Sagebrush Bride (Avon '93)
CROSS, CHARLENE Lord Of Legend (Pocket '93)
CULLMAN, HEATHER Yesterday's Rose (Topaz '95)

DANIEL, MEGAN All The Time We Need (Love Spell '93)
DARE, JUSTINE Wild Hawk (Topaz '96)
DAVIDSON, SANDRA A Love For All Time (Zebra '93); Thorn Of The Rose (Zebra '94)
DAVIS, JUSTINE Lord of The Storm (Topaz '94); The Skypirate (Topaz '95)
DAWSON, SARANNE Heart Of The Wolf (Love Spell '93)
DELACROIX, CLAIRE Roarke's Folly (Harlequin Historical '94)
DELANCEY, ELIZABETH Touch Of Lace (Diamond '93)
DELAZZARI, JOANN Scoundrel's Desire (Avon '93)
DELLIN, GENELL Comanche Wind (Avon '93)
DENISON, JANELLE Heaven's Gift (Love Spell '95)
DEVINE, THEA Beyond Desire (Zebra '93); Tempted By Fire (Zebra '92)
DIER, DEBRA Surrender The Dream (Leisure '93)
DOMNING, DENISE Autumn's Flame (Topaz '95); Spring's Fury (Topaz '95); Summer's Storm (Topaz '94); Winter's Heat (Topaz '94)
DONOVAN, SANDRA Silver Seduction (Zebra '93)
DORSEY, CHRISTINE Sea Of Desire (Zebra '93); Sea Fires (Zebra '92); The Captain's Captive (Zebra '91)
DRYMON, KATHLEEN Warrior Of The Sun (Zebra '92)

EDWARDS, CASSIE Rapture's Rendezvous (Reissued) (Zebra '82); Rolling Thunder (Topaz '96); Savage Illusion (Leisure '93); Savage Sunrise (Leisure '93); Wild Abandon (Topaz '95); Wild Bliss (Topaz '95); Wild Desire (Topaz '94); Wild Embrace (Topaz '93); Wild Rapture (Topaz '95); Wild Splendor (Topaz '93); Wild Thunder (Topaz '95); Wild Whispers (Topaz '96)

FARRELL, MARJORIE Desert Hearts (Topaz '96); Sweet Awakening (Topaz '95)
FAULKNER, COLLEEN Flames Of Love (Zebra '93); Forever His (Zebra '93)
FETZER, AMY My Timeswept Heart (Zebra '93)
FINCH, CAROL Apache Wind (Zebra '93); Promise Me Moonlight (Zebra '93)
FLYNT, CATRIONA One Man's Treasure (Harper '92)
FORSTOT, MARILYN Sunshine Riches (Zebra '93)
FOX, KAREN Sword Of MacLeod (Leisure '97)
FRENCH, JUDITH Moonfeather (Avon '90)

GAFFNEY, PATRICIA Another Eden (Leisure '92); Crooked Hearts (Topaz '94); Forever & Ever (Topaz '96); Sweet Everlasting (Topaz '93); To Have And To Hold (Topaz '95); To Love & To Cherish (Topaz '95)
GARRETT, WENDY Western Enchantress (Zebra '93)
GIDEON, ROBIN Cheyenne Desire (Zebra '95); Viking Ecstasy (Zebra '93)
GILL, JUDY Kiss And Make Up (Bantam '94)
GOODMAN, JO Rogue's Mistress (Zebra '96)
GORDON, ANITA The Captive Heart (Jove '95)
GRAHAM, HEATHER And One Rode West (Dell '92); Captive (Topaz '96); Lord Of The Wolves (Dell '93); Rebel (Topaz '97)
GRASSO, PATRICIA Desert Eden (Dell '93)
GRAYSON, LEANNE Rebel Wind (Topaz '93)
GREENE, MARIA Mine Forevermore (Zebra '93)
GREENLAND, COLIN Harm's Way (Avon '93)
GREGG, ELIZABETH Goldspun Promises (Topaz '94); Moonspun Dreams (Topaz '95)
GREIMAN, LOIS Surrender My Heart (Avon '93)

HANCHAR, PEGGY Cheyenne Dream (Fawcett '93)
HANDELAND, LORI Charlie And The Angel (BMI '95)
HARMON, ANNE Wyoming Wildfire (Berkley '93)
HARMON, DANELLE Captain Of My Heart (Avon '92); Master Of My Dreams (Avon '93)
HARRINGTON, ALEXIS A Light For My Love (Topaz '95); Homeward Hearts (Topaz '94)
HARRINGTON, KATHLEEN Sunshine & Shadows (Avon '93)
HART, TERESA Hearts Are Wild (Jove '93)
HATCHER, ROBIN LEE Stormy Surrender (Leisure '94); The Magic (Leisure '93)
HELTON, VENITA Diamond (Leisure '98)
HENDRIX, LISA Hostage Heart (Diamond '94)
HENKE, SHIRL Night Wind's Woman (Leisure '91); Terms Of Love (Leisure '92)
HESS, NORAH Kentucky Woman (Leisure '93); Mountain Rose (Leisure '93)
HEWITT, ELIZABETH Diamond in Disguise (Topaz '95)
HOCKETT, KATHRYN Outlaw Seduction (Zebra '92); River Of Passion (Zebra '93)
HOLM, STEF ANN Liberty Rose (Pocket '93)
HOWARD, TERESA Cherokee Embrace (Zebra '92)
HOWELL, HANNAH Kentucky Bride (Avon '94)
HUBBARD, CHARLOTTE Sahara Splendor (Zebra '93) - On Back Cover

INNES, JEAN Beloved (Zebra '97); Tropical Fire (Zebra '92)

JAMES, MAGGIE Texas Lucky (Topaz '98)
JOHNSON, SUSAN Outlaw (Bantam '93); Silver Flame (Bantam '93); Sinful (Bantam '93)
JOHNSTON, JOAN Kid Calhoun (Dell '93)
JONES, LINDA Desperado's Gold (BMI '96)
JORDAN, NICOLE The Heart Breaker (Avon '98)
JOYCE, BRENDA The Game (Avon '95)

KAYE, AMBER Haunted By Love (Zebra '93)
KINCAID, KATHERINE Beloved Bondage (Zebra '93)
KING, BARRIE Contessa (Ballentine '93)
KING, SUSAN The Black Thorne's Rose (Topaz '94); The Raven's Wish (Topaz '95)
KINGSLEY, KATHERINE No Brighter Dream (Topaz '94); No Sweeter Heaven (Topaz '93)
KINGSLEY, MARY In A Pirate's Arms (Topaz '96)
KITZMILLER, CHELLEY Fires Of Heaven (Topaz '94); Touch The Dawn (Topaz '93)
KLEYPAS, LISA Then Came You (Avon '93)
KRAHN, BETINA The Princess And The Barbarian (Avon '93)

LADD, LINDA Lilacs On Lace (Topaz '96)White Lily (Topaz '93); White Orchid (Topaz '95); White Rose (Topaz '94)
LAMB, ARNETTE Border Bride (Pocket '93)
LEE, ALYSSA Sweet Jasmine (Diamond '92)
LEIGH, SUSANNAH Dawn Shadows (Topaz '94); Jade Dawn (Topaz '93)
LOCKWOOD, KAREN Harvest Song (Diamond '93)
LONGSHORE, MARTHA Hearts of Gold (Harper '94)
LOWELL, ELIZABETH Untamed (Avon '93)
LYNNFORD, JANET Pirate's RoseTopaz '95)

MACOMBER, DEBBIE Hasty Wedding (Silhouette '93) - On Back Cover
MACPHERSON, SELINA Forbidden Flame (Avon '93)
MARTIN, DEBORAH By Love Unveiled (Topaz '93); Dangerous Angel (Topaz '94); Silver Deceptions (Topaz '94); Storm Swept (Topaz '95); Wind Swept (Topaz '96) ' On Spine Only
MARTIN, MARY Desire's Embrace (Zebra '93); Wild Texas Angel (Zebra '92)
MASON, CONNIE A Promise Of Thunder (Leisure '93); Taken by You (Avon '96); Wind Rider (Leisure '94)
MCCARTHY, CANDACE Sea Mistress (Zebra '93)
MCFADDEN, COREY Deception At Midnight (BMI' 93)
MCGOLDRICK, MAY Angel Of Skye (Topaz '96) - On Spine Only; The Thistle And The Rose (Topaz '95)
MCGUIRE, MOLLY Forever Yours (Harl. American Romance '92)
MCKENNA, LINDSAY Brave Heart (Harlequin Historical '93); Sun Woman (Harlequin Historical '91)
MCRAE, MELINDA Prince of Thieves (Topaz '94); Stolen Hearts (Topaz '95)
MERRITT, EMMA Lord Of Thunder (Avon '94)
MILES, CARA Lord Of The Night (Avon '93)
MILLS, ANITA Comanche Moon (Topaz '95); Comanche Rose (Topaz '96); Falling Stars (Topaz '93); Secret Nights (Topaz '94)
MINGER, MIRIAM The Pagan's Prize (Jove '93)
MITTERMEYER, HELEN Princess Of The Veil (St. Martin's Press '93)
MOORE, MARGARET A Warrior's Quest (Harlequin Historical '93)
MORSI, PAMELA Wild Oats (Jove '93)
MORTIMER, CAROLE Private Lives (Harlequin Presents '93)
MULLINS, DEBRA Once A Mistress (Avon '99)
MUCHMORE, PAT Prairie Flower (Centurion '95)

ORWIG, SARA Lightning Season (Zebra '93)
OWEN, WANDA Deceptive Desire (Zebra '90); Savage Passion (Zebra '93)

PARNELL, ANDRIA Devil Moon (Zebra '94)
PAUL, SUSAN Surrena's Choice (Commonwealth '97)
PELLICANE, PATRICIA Desire's Glory (Zebra '92); Nights Of Fire (Zebra '93)
PERSHING, DIANE Satisfaction (Loveswept '93)
PRICE, ASHLAND Viking Flame (Zebra '93); Viking Rose (Zebra '93)
PUTNEY, MARY JO Angel Rogue (Topaz '95); Dancing On The Wind (Topaz '94); Petals In The Storm (Topaz '93); Shattered Rainbow (Topaz '96); Thunder and Roses (Topaz '93)

RAFFERTY, CARIN Touch Of Lightning (Topaz '96); Touch Of Magic (Topaz '95); Touch Of Night (Topaz '94)
REDING, JACLYN Chasing Dreams (Topaz '95); Stealing Heaven (Topaz '96; Tempting Fate (Topaz '95)
RICE, PATRICIA Denim & Lace (Topaz '96); Moonlight and Memories (Topaz '93); Paper Moon (Topaz '96); Paper Roses (Topaz '95); Paper Tiger (Topaz '95); Texas Legacy (Topaz '94); Texas
Lily (Topaz '94)
RICH, SUE Rawhide And Roses (Pocket '93)
ROBERTS, MEG-LYNN A Midnight Masquerade (Zebra '93)
ROGERS, EVELYN Desert Fire (Zebra '92)
ROGERS, MARYLYLE Happily Ever After (St. Martin's Press '96)
ROMAN, HEBBY Midnight Promise (Zebra '98)
RYAN, NAN Because You Are Mine (Topaz '95); Homecoming (Topaz '94); Love Me Tonight (Topaz '94)
RYAN, PATRICIA Falcon's Fire (Topaz '95) - Spine Only

SAGE, SHERYL Passionate Surrender (Avon '93)
SCOFIELD, LEE Taming Mariah (Harper '94)
SEGER, MAURA Forevermore (Harper '94)
SHANNON, COLLEEN The Gentle Beast (Love Spell '96)
SIMMONS, DEBORAH Silent Heart (Harlequin Historical '93)
SIMMONS, SUZANNE Bed of Roses (Topaz '95); Diamond In the Rough (Topaz '94)
SIMMONS, TRANA MAE Montana Surrender (BMI '93)
SIMPSON, CARLA Desperado's Caress (Zebra '91)
SINCLAIR, REBECCA Scottish Ecstasy (Zebra '96); Sweet Texas Kiss (Zebra '94)
SKINNER, GLORIA DALE Tender Trust (Zebra '93)
SMITH, BOBBI Beneath Passion's Skies (Zebra '93)
SNOW, ASHLEY Wild Wanton Love (Zebra '93)
ST. GEORGE, MARGARET The Pirate & His Lady (Harlequin American Romance '92)
ST. JAMES, SCOTNEY Highland Hearts (Zebra '93)
STUART, ANNE Shadow Dance (Avon '93)
SUTCLIFFE, KATHERINE My Only Love (Jove '93)

TAYLOR, LAURA Desert Rose - Loveswept 555 (Bantam '92)
THACKER, SHELLY Silver And Sapphires (Avon '93)
THOMPSON, VICTORIA Wild Texas Wind (Zebra 92); Winds Of Promise (Avon '93)
TRACY, PAT The Flaming (Harlequin Historical '92)

VALENTINE, TERRI Paradise Promised (Zebra '96)
VAUGHAN, VIVIAN Silver Surrender (Zebra '92); Sunrise Surrender (Zebra '93)
VERGE, LISA A. Wild Irish Rose (Zebra '97)
VINET, LYNETTE Rapture In His Arms (Zebra '93)

WARFIELD, TERESA Cherokee Rose (Jove '93)
WAYNE, ROCHELLE Captive Splendor (Pinnacle '93)
WEYRICH, BECKY LEE Sweet Forever (Pinnacle '92)
WIGGS, SUSAN Miranda (Harper '96)
WILDE, LAUREN Sweet Savage Splendor (Zebra '93)
WILHELM, TERRI LYN Fool Of Hearts (Harper '95)
WILLIAMS, BRONWYN Bedeviled (Topaz '95); Slow Surrender (Topaz '95); The Warfield Bride (Topaz '94)
WILLIAMSON, PENELOPE Once In A Blue Moon (Dell '93)
WILLIS, KATHY Warrior's Woman (Zebra '92)
WIMBERLY, CARLA Natchez Moon (Pinnacle '93)

YORKE, ERIN Bound By Love (Harlequin Historical '93); Counterfeit Laird (Harlequin Historical'93)


BALOGH, DOUGLAS, RICE,M ERRITT Angel Christmas (Topaz '95)
BALOGH, LAYTON, MCRAE, MILLS, PUTNEY Dashing And Dangerous (Signet '94)
BALOGH, BEVERLY, MILLS, RICE, SEGAR Moonlight Lovers (Signet '93)
BELL, CAILLE, CLARE, ELLIS, KING, LINTON Rakes and Rogues (Zebra '96)
BLAKE, GENTRY, HENKE, MILLS, WEYRICH The Topaz Man Favorites: Secrets of the Heart (Topaz '94); The Topaz Man Presents: A Dream Come True (Topaz '94)
BOURNE, FAULKNER, PRICE Spellbound Kisses (Zebra '93)
BROWNING, MAJOR, GRAY Bad Boys (Silhouette '93)
LAEL, MILLER, JENNET, CRAWFORD Timeless Love (Avon '93)
RANSON, SOMMERFIELD, WINDSOR A Bride's Passion (Zebra '93)


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