Battle of Würzburg

Battle of Würzburg

Infobox Military Conflict
conflict=The Battle of Würzburg
partof=the French Revolutionary Wars

date=3 September 1796
place=Würzburg, present-day Germany
result=Austrian victory
combatant1=flagicon|France France
combatant2=flagicon|Holy Roman EmpireAustria
commander1=Jean-Baptiste Jourdan
commander2=Archduke Charles

The Battle of Würzburg was fought on September 3, 1796. It resulted in the victory of Austria under Archduke Charles against a French army lead by Jourdan.

The battle

The French army advanced against what they thought to be an isolated Austrian division under Szataray. Jourdan's plan was to attack Szataray with the divisions of Bernadotte and Championnet, with the divisions of Bonnault and Grenier in reserve. The early morning mist however enabled the Archduke Charles to bring up the division Hotze as a reinforcement to Szataray, effectively undoing what Jourdan thought to be a great numerical superiority for the French.

Even more so as the division of Elsnitz was north of the battlefield tying up the much larger force under Lefebvre, which eventually didn't enter the battle and Austrian engineers were laying pontoon bridges over the Main in order to let the remainder of the Austrian army cross the river. The French attacked the Austrian position without success until the Austrian divisions of Kray and Wartensleben arrived and drove the French of the field.

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