Springer on the Radio

Springer on the Radio

"Springer on the Radio" was an American radio program broadcast from WCKY and later WSAI in Cincinnati from January 17, 2005 to December 5, 2006 and syndicated nationally on the Air America Radio network from April 1 2005 to September 18, 2006 when it moved to Air America syndication, meaning that it was still syndicated nationally, but not on the Air America network lineup. It was hosted by Jerry Springer, best known as a TV talk show host. Springer is a former Democratic politician (formerly Cincinnati’s mayor) still active in the party organization. His radio show focused on the day's news with a liberal and progressive standpoint. It aired on weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. ET on select Air America radio stations. The theme on all Friday shows was called Freedom Fridays, allowing callers to talk about whatever topic they desired. On the other days of the week, callers were only allowed to comment on what Springer was discussing.

Political Aspects

Jerry Springer gained national popularity in the early 1990s hosting "The Jerry Springer Show", setting the standard of so-called 'Trash TV'. Springer on the Radio is produced with a higher quality level compared to "The Jerry Springer Show". The program's comments and general standpoint overwhelmingly favors the Democratic Party and viewpoints considered liberal in the American political spectrum.

Springer on the Radio, along with other talk shows broadcast on the Air America Radio network, arose to counterattack the perceived radio hegemony of conservative talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Over the years, Jerry Springer has shown an interest in running for either the United States Senate or the governorship in Ohio. His decision to host a serious liberal radio show might be due to a desire to distance himself from his TV show, which he himself considered ‘stupid’. Such action gives Springer the possibility to prove to the older generations that, while his TV show (which appeals primarily to younger adults) was empty-minded, he may nevertheless be well-suited to representing citizens.



Springer on the Radio reached a height of 53 affiliates. It did not have nearly as many when the show reached its last day on air. USA Today reported that the show had " [http://www.usatoday.com/life/people/2006-12-05-springer_x.htm?POE=LIFISVA about two dozen] " stations on its last day. Some of these stations are listed below.

*San Diego, CA: 1360 KLSD-AM
*San Luis Obispo, CA: 1340 KYNS-AM
*Santa Barbara, CA: 1340 KIST-AM
*Detroit, MI: 1310 WDTW-AM
*Sarasota, FL: 1450 WSRQ-AM
*Chicago, IL: 850 WCPT-AM
*Portland, ME: 870 WMTW-AM
*Ann Arbor, MI: 1290 WLBY-AM
*New York, NY: 1600 -AM
*Santa Fe, NM: 1260 KTRC-AM
*Cincinnati, OH: 1360 WSAI-AM
*Memphis, TN: 680 WWTQ-AM
*Austin, TX: 1600 KOKE-AM
*Corpus Christi, TX: 1150 KCCT-AM
*El Paso, TX: 1650 KHRO-AM
*Brattleboro, VT: 1490 WKVT-AM
*Burlington, VT: 1070 WTWK-AM
*St. Albans, VT: 1070 WTWK-AM

*XM Radio: Channel 167; Springer on the Radio was taken off XM Radio after it was moved to Air America Syndication
*Online at www.airamericaradio.com

External links

* [http://www.springerontheradio.com SpringerOnTheRadio.com]
* [http://www.airamericaradio.com Air America Radio main page]

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