Bitch's Life

Bitch's Life

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name = Bitch's Life Illustration File

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ja_name = ビッチズ・ライフイラストレーションファイル
ja_name_trans = Bicchizu Raifu Irasutoreeshon Fairu
genre = Erotica
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title =
author = Yasushi Nirasawa
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demographic = Adults
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published = 2001

nihongo|"Bitch's Life Illustration File"|ビッチズ・ライフイラストレーションファイル
Bicchizu Raifu Irasutoreeshon Fairu
is a hard cover art book edited by Yasushi Nirasawa. It collects erotica by various Japanese manga artists and commercial artists.

List of artists

* Akira Toriyama
* Masakazu Katsura
* Sho-u Tajima
* Jun Tsukasa
* Magaki Zanzo
* Yukie
* Hajime Satou
* Katsuya Terada
* Range Murata
* Yasushi Nirasawa
* Martin F. Emond
* Hiroaki Samura
* Ryuichirou Kutsusawa
* Shinichi Hiromoto
* Tsutomu Nihei
* Kot
* Kenji Yamamoto
* Yu Kinutani
* Nao Saejima
* Kanako Nakayama
* Vivienne Sato
* Hajime Sorayama

External links

* [ Yasushi Nirasawa Presents Bitch's Life] ('Warning': May contain nudity)

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