name = "Madeleinea"
regnum = Animalia
phylum = Arthropoda
subphylum = Hexapoda
classis = Insecta
ordo = Lepidoptera
unranked_familia = Rhopalocera
superfamilia = Papilionoidea
familia = Lycaenidae
subfamilia = Polyommatinae
genus = "Madeleinea"
genus_authority = Bálint, 1993
subdivision_ranks = Species
subdivision = Several, see text
synonyms = "Itylos" Nabokov, 1945 ("non" Draudt, 1921: preoccupied)
"Nivalis" Balletto, 1993

"Madeleinea" is a butterfly genus in the family Lycaenidae. These Andean butterflies are very interesting from a taxonomic standpoint.

For one thing, this genus was discussed by famous author and lepidopterologist Vladimir Nabokov in 1945. However, he used the name "Itylos", which actually refers to a closely related but distinct genus described in 1921. That was not known in his time however, as the relationships of the butterflies discussed by Nabokov were only resolved in 1993. In any case, "Nivalis" was proposed as a replacement name by Emilio Balletto but for technical reasonsVerify source|date=December 2007 turned out to be unavailable. Zsolt Bálint subsequently established the currently-valid name.

The latter researcher, in cooperation with Kurt Johnson, since then described many taxa new to science. To honor the contributions of Nabokov to entomology - chiefly concerning Lycaenidae -, these were often given names referring to the novels of Nabokov, or characters therein.

elected species

At least one but probably more undescribed species are known to exist.
* "Madeleinea ardisensis" Bálint & Lamas, 1996 – named after Ardis Hall, a place in "".
* "Madeleinea bella" Bálint & Lamas, 1996
* "Madeleinea cobaltana" Bálint & Lamas, 1994 – named after Kobalt, a mountain resort in "Pale Fire"
* "Madeleinea colca" Bálint & Lamas, 1996
* "Madeleinea gradoslamasi" Bálint & Johnson, 1997
* "Madeleinea huascarana" Bálint & Lamas, 1994
* "Madeleinea koa" (Druce, 1896)
* "Madeleinea lea" Benyamini, Bálint & Johnson, 1995
* "Madeleinea lolita" Bálint, 1993 – named after Dolores Haze, nicknamed "Lolita", and the protagonist of the novel by the same title.
* "Madeleinea ludicra" (Weymer, 1890)
* "Madeleinea malvasa" Bálint & Pyrcz, [2000]
* "Madeleinea moza" (Staudinger, [1894] )
* "Madeleinea nodo" Bálint & Johnson, 1995 – named after Nodo, half-brother of Odon in "Pale Fire".
* "Madeleinea odon"Verify source|date=December 2007 Bálint & Johnson, 1995 – named after Odon, half-brother of Nodo in "Pale Fire".
* "Madeleinea pacis" (Draudt, 1921)
* "Madeleinea pelorias" (Weymer, 1890)
* "Madeleinea sigal" Benyamini, Bálint & Johnson, 1995
* "Madeleinea tintarrona" Bálint & Johnson, 1995 – named after Tintarron, a brand of deep blue glass in "Pale Fire"
* "Madeleinea vokoban" Bálint & Johnson, 1995 – the specific name is "Nabokov" read backwards

Formerly placed here:
* "Itylos mashenka" Bálint, 1993 – named after Nabokov's first novel "Mashen'ka (Mary)"


* (1945): Notes on neotropical Plebejinae (Lycaenidae, Lepidoptera). "Psyche" 52: 1–61. [ PDF fulltext]

* (1996): "A Guide to Nabokov’s Butterflies and Moths". Hamburg, Germany

External links

* [ Markku Savela's Lepidoptera and some other life forms:] "Madeleinea". Version of 2007-JUL-11. Retrieved 2007-DEC-30.
* [] of male "Madeleinea ardisensis"
* [ photo] of male "Madeleinea ardisensis", showing underside
* [] of female "Madeleinea cobaltana"

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