King of the Jews

King of the Jews

King of the Jews may refer to:


Ruler of historic Jewish kingdoms and client states:
* Kingdom of Israel (c.1050 – 722 BCE)
* Kingdom of Judah (c.931 – 586 BCE)
* Hasmonean dynasty (140 – 37 BCE)
* Herodian Dynasty (37 BCE – 92 CE)Others:
* Mocking epithet applied to Peter of Castile (1334–1369) by Henry of Trastamara
* In the antisemitic forgery "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion", the future figurehead envisaged by the Elders.
* Nickname for various Jewish-American organized crime bosses

* A title of the Jewish Messiah
** See also Jewish Messiah claimants
* Among Christians, a title of Jesus
** See INRI

*"King of the Jews", play by Grand Duke Konstantin Konstantinovich of Russia
*"King of the Jews", book by Waverley Root
*"King of the Jews", 1979 novel by Leslie Epstein
*"King of the Jews", 2005 book by Nick Tosches

* "King of the Jews", a track on the 1973 Christian Rock album "What a Day" by Phil Keaggy
* "King of the Jews", a track on the 1983 Christian Rock album "Riders in the Sky (album)" by David and the Giants
* "Tiny, King of the Jews", a track on the 1987 noise rock album "Songs About Fucking" by Big Black.
* "King of the Jews", a track on the 1992 doom metal album "Fall Babylon Fall" by Veni Domine.

* "King of the Jews", a essay film that screened at "Sundance Film Festival" in 2000 by "Jay Rosenblatt"

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