University of California, Riverside, Botanic Gardens

University of California, Riverside, Botanic Gardens

The University of California, Riverside, Botanic Gardens are 40 acres (162,000 m²) of botanical gardens containing more than 3,500 plant species from around the world. The Gardens are located in the eastern foothills of the Box Springs Mountain on the University of California, Riverside campus in Riverside, California, USA. Over four miles (6 km) of trails wind through many microclimates and hilly terrain.


The UCR Botanic Gardens are actually composed of two parts: the overall UCR campus and the 40 acre botanical gardens. The landscaped area around the buildings on campus demonstrates a wide variety of plants adapted to the arid inland area of Southern California. The Gardens were established primarily for teaching purposes and serve to provide plant materials for courses such as anthropology, art, biology, ecology, entomology, morphology, ornamental horticulture, plant pathology, photography, and taxonomy. The Gardens also provide plant materials for research and for exhibiting species from all parts of the world. [citation | last= Holt | first= Jodie S.| title= UC Riverside: Botanical and Related Pest Management Programs | journal= Noxious Times | publisher= California Interagency Noxious Weed Coordinating Committee | volume = Volume 3 | issue= No. 3 | date= Winter, 2001 | url= | accessdate= 2007-11-07]

A support organization, Friends of the UCR Botanic Gardens, was established in 1980. A popular bi-annual Botanic Gardens Plant Sale provides greater visibility and community support for the gardens. [cite mailing list |last=Córdova |first=France A. |authorlink=France A. Córdova |title=In Memory of Dr. Louis C. Erickson |mailinglist=Ans |date=Tue Aug 26 14:32:05 PDT 2003 |url= |accessdate=2007-11-07]

Collections organized by species

* Alder Canyon - California native riparian trees, including azaleas, camellias, hydrangeas and ferns
* Rose Gardens - Over 300 selections - species roses, heritage varieties, miniatures, floribundas, grandifloras and Hybrid Teas
* Herb Garden - Aromatic, culinary, dye and medicinal herbs
* Cactus Garden - Hundreds of cacti, ocotillos, agaves, yuccas, etc.
* Iris Garden - More than 150 named bearded iris cultivars
* Lilac Lane - True lilacs
* Subtropical Fruit Orchard - Citrus, guavas, sapotes, avocados, macadamia nuts and other subtropical fruit trees

Collections organized by geographical origin

* South African Garden - Aloes, ice plants, naked ladies, and South African wildflowers
* Southwest Deserts Section - Extensive collection of Southwest U.S. desert plants with emphasis on those native to the Mojave and Colorado Deserts
* Sierra Foothills Section - Chaparral and Foothill Pine Woodland plants such as foothill pine, mountain mahogany, California buckeye, fremontia, sumacs and yuccas
* Boysie Day Baja California Garden - Boojum tree, palo adán, elephant tree, lomboy, and slipper plant
* Australian Section - Eucalyptus, bottlebrushes, melaleucas, grevilleas, acacias, etc.
* Temperate Deciduous Forest - A selection of trees and shrubs from temperate China and the Eastern U.S. including paper mulberry, dawn redwood, golden rain tree, liquidambar, and maples.


The gardens are home to 195 bird species, ranging from kites, falcons and kestrels to quail, plovers, swallows, starlings and woodpeckers. Mammals, such as California ground squirrels, Audubon cottontails, kangaroo rats, gophers, coyotes, gray foxes, opossums, pack rats, skunks and bobcats, and reptiles including lizards of many kinds and snakes ranging from gopher snakes to the venomous rattlers, also populate the gardens. Amphibian residents include bullfrogs, western toads, salamanders and Pacific tree frogs. [cite news | last= Riedel | first= Allan | title= Always in Bloom: Families can take an easy hike through UCR's gardens | publisher= Press Enterprise | date= September 28, 2007 | url= | accessdate= 2007-11-07]

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* List of botanical gardens in the United States


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