List of tallest buildings in Montreal

List of tallest buildings in Montreal

This is a list of the tallest buildings in Montreal ranks skyscrapers in the Canadian city of Montreal, Quebec by height.

In order to preserve the integrity of the skyline, Montreal law forbids any building from reaching an elevation higher than that of Mount Royal, or 223 m above mean sea level. The exception to the rule is Saint Joseph's Oratory, at 128 m including the rooftop cross, it is the city's 23rd tallest building and tallest religious structure. It is the only building allowed to reach higher than Mount Royal, not counting the cross and telecommunication towers located on the mountain. (Above-ground height is further limited in most areas and very few downtown land plots are allowed to exceed 120 metres in height.) The maximium limit is currently attained by 1000 de La Gauchetière and 1250 René-Lévesque (the latter of which is shorter, but built on higher ground). The only way to reach higher than 1000 de La Gauchetière while respecting this limit would be to build on the lowest part of downtown near Tour de la Bourse; the maximum height there would be approximately 210 metres.fact|date=July 2008

The tallest residential building in Montreal is the H-shaped " [ Port Royal] " at 1455 Sherbrooke Street West; it is 123 m/403 ft tall with 33 storeys, and built in 1964. A mixed-use condo/hotel development currently under construction on Sherbrooke Street West is slated to be the tallest building built in Montreal since 1992 and could well surpass the Port-Royal in height.


Tallest buildings

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Timeline of tallest buildings

This lists buildings that once held the title of tallest building in Montreal.


:A. note label|A|A|^The Tour de Montréal is not a habitable building, but is included in this list for comparative purposes. Per a ruling by the Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat, freestanding observation towers are not considered to be buildings, as they are not fully habitable structures.


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