Uxbenka (or Uxbenká in Spanish orthography) is a pre-Columbian Mesoamerican archaeological site located in Belize's southernmost district of Toledo. An urban settlement of the pre-Columbian Maya, it is the earliest-known Maya polity in the southern Belizean lowlands, with evidence of occupation dating to the Early Classic period of Mesoamerican chronology (ca. 250–500 CE). [ [http://www.famsi.org/reports/05070/ "Introduction"] , Prufer (2005).] It is one of five major Maya sites in this region, which archaeological sites also include Nim Li Punit and Lubaantun. Settlement of Uxbenka has been suggested to have occurred originally by Peten peoples.



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* [http://www.belizemagazine.com/edition07/english/e07_17archaeology.htm "The Archaeological Wonders of Belize: A Visit to Uxbenka"] , article with photos on Uxbenka at BELIZEmagazine.com (July 2005)

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