North-West Italy (European Parliament constituency)

North-West Italy (European Parliament constituency)
North-West Italy
European Parliament constituency
North-West Italy (European Parliament constituency) is located in European Parliament constituencies 2007
Location amongst the 2007 constituencies
Italian NUTS1 NorthWest.svg
Shown in Italy in red
Created 1979
MEP(s) 19-21 (2009),
23 (2004),
23 (1999),
23 (1994),
25 (1979)
Member State Italy
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In European elections, North-West Italy is a constituency of the European Parliament. It consists of the regions of Aosta Valley, Liguria, Lombardy and Piedmont.

As the other Italian constituencies, it has only a procedural goal to choose the elected MEPs inside party lists, the distribution of seats between different parties being calculated at national level (called Collegio Unico Nazionale, National Single Constituency).

Elected MEPs in 1979

  Christian Democracy EPP 34.4%   8   Maria L. Cassanmagnago
Giovanni Giavazzi
Silvio Lega
Luigi Macario
Mario Pedini
  Italian Communist Party COM 28.7%   7
  Italian Socialist Party PES 12.4%   3
  Italian Liberal Party ELD 6.3%   2
  Italian Democratic Socialist Party PES 4.7%   1
  Radical Party TGI 4.1%   1
  Italian Social Movement None 3.6%   1 Francesco Petronio
  Italian Republican Party ELD 3.0%   1 Susanna Agnelli
  Proletarian Democracy TGI 0.9%   1 Mario Capanna

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