Bi (jade)

Bi (jade)

The bi (zh-cpw|c=璧|p=bì|w=pi) is a form of circular jade artifact from ancient China. The earliest "bi" were produced in the Neolithic period, particularly by the Liangzhu culture (3400-2250 BC). [ [ Teaching Chinese Archaeology, object 3 - NGA ] ] Later examples date mainly from the Shang, Zhou and Han dynasties. They were also made in glass.


A "bi" is a flat jade disc with a circular hole in the centre. Neolithic "bi" are undecorated, while those of later periods of China, like the Zhou dynasty, bear increasingly ornate surface carving whose motifs represented deities associated with the sky (four directions) as well as standing for qualities and powers the wearer wanted to invoke or embody.

As laboriously crafted objects, they testify to the concentration of power and resources in the hands of a small elite. [ [ Teaching Chinese Archaeology, object 3 - NGA ] ]


Later traditions associate the "bi" with heaven, and the "cong" with the earth. [ [ Jade Bi-disk, Congs & Arches | ] ] Bi disks are consistently found with heaven and earth-like imagery, suggesting that the disk's circular shape also bears symbolic significance as this description explains:

It is found that these objects testify to early stages of development of cosmological concepts that remained important in Chinese culture during the Warring States and Han periods: the notion of a covering sky ("gaitian") that revolves around a central axis, the cycle of the Ten Suns, and the use of an early form of the carpenter's square. These objects were handled by shamans who were the religious leaders of Liangzhu society and the transmitters of cosmological knowledge. [ [ article "The Original Significance of Bi Disks: insights based on Liangzhu Jade Bi with incised symbolic motifs", by Shu-P'Ing, Teng," Journal of East Asian Archaeology" Volume 2, Numbers 1-2, 2000 , pp. 165-194(30)] ]


The original function and significance of the "bi" are unknown, as the Neolithic cultures have no written history. From these earliest times they were buried with the dead, as a sky symbol, accompanying the dead into the after world or "sky", with the cong which connected the body with the earth. [ [ Teaching Chinese Archaeology, object 3 - NGA ] ] They were placed ceremonially on the body in the grave of aristocrats. "Bi" are sometimes found near the stomach and chest in neolithic burials. [ [ The Jade Bi-Disk from China, Use, Meaning and Material in Historic and Prehistoric Times ] ] [ [ Teaching Chinese Archaeology, object 3 - NGA ] ]

Jade, like bi disks, has been used throughout Chinese history to indicate an individual of moral quality, and has also served as an important symbol of rank. [ [ Jade Bi-disk, Congs & Arches | ] ] They were used in worship and ceremony – as ceremonial items they symbolised the ranks of emperor, king, duke, marquis, viscount, and baron with four different "kweis" and two different bi disks. [ [ Jade Bi-disk, Congs & Arches | ] ]

In war during the Zhou dynasty period (11th to 250 bc), bi disks belonging to the leaders of the defeated forces were handed over to the victor as a sign of submission. [ [ The Jade Bi-Disk from China, Use, Meaning and Material in Historic and Prehistoric Times ] ]

The design of the reverse side of the medals given in the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, China are based on bi disks. [ [ Design of the Medal for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games] ]


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