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Smallworld Media

Smallworld Media (previously Wightcable North and OMNE) is a provider of digital cable television in the UK based in Irvine. The coverage area is Irvine, Troon and Kilmarnock in the west of Scotland, and Carlisle, Lancaster and Morecambe in the north-west of England, serving about 40,000 homes. [ Small World Media TV Broadband Phone ( Was Wight Cable North & OMNE ) Cable TV Information, News And Reviews - ] ] [ About Smallworld ] ]

Smallworld provides broadband, telephone and digital television services to residential customers. As of January 2008, pricing ranges from UK£10.50/month to £75/month depending on the combination of services, which additional cost for premium services and installation. [ Price Guide ] ]

In May 2002, the company's then owner Omne Communications went into administration. In February 2003, it was announced CLS Holdings had purchased 75% of the company, saving it from closure. CLS Holdings subsequently rebranded the company from Omne to Wightcable North. [,1000000308,2129757,00.htm Northern broadband firm thrown a lifeline - ] ]

In January 2006, Wightcable North was sold by its previous owner, CLS Holdings, at a loss of £2.1 million, to Netfonics. [ Cls Holdings Plc ] ] [ Smallworld | Operator Profile | Point Topic ] ]

In March 2007, Smallworld was rebranded from its old name, Wightcable North. [ thinkbroadband :: Wight Cable North re-branding to Smallworld ] ]

In April 2007, Smallworld mistakenly broadcast pornography instead of BBC One and BBC Two. A spokesperson for Smallworld apologised for broadcasting offensive material, stated as a consequence of upgrading their systems. [ The Daily Record - Latest Scottish news & sport, Celtic FC, Rangers ] ]

In May 2007, Smallworld stated their intention to provide IPTV services.


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