Steve Moore (comics)

Steve Moore (comics)

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Steve Moore (born 11 June 1949) is a prolific British comics writer.

He is credited with showing Alan Moore (no relation), then a struggling cartoonist, how to write comic scripts. Moore (Steve)'s career has subsequently been quite closely linked with his more famous namesake - the pair collaborated under pseudonyms (Steve's pseudonym was "Pedro Henry", Alan's was "Curt Vile") on strips for "Sounds" magazine, including one which introduced the character Axel Pressbutton, who was later to feature in the "Warrior" anthology comic, as well as a standalone series published by Eclipse Comics.


Closely linked to Alan Moore (no relation), who has known Steve "since he [Alan] was fourteen" referring to him as "a friend... fellow comic writer [and] a fellow occultist" [ [ Alan Moore interviewd by Barry Kavanagh for Blather magazine, October 17, 2000] . Accessed March 5, 2008] , Moore was an editor of Bob Rickard's long-running UK-based "Journal of the Unexplained," "The Fortean Times". In later years, he also edited that publications' more academic sister-publication "Fortean Studies."

He is listed as a 'specialist contributor' to the [ "Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained"] , which also notes that he compiled the "Fortean Times"' General Index, and several derivative books. He is a freelance writer on diverse topics, and "lives in London [where he] interests himself mainly in ancient and oriental subjects". [ [ "The Chambers Dictionary of the Unexplained" team] . Accessed March 5, 2008]

UK comics work

Moore's comics work has featured in most of the major British comics, particularly in anthologies. He has been involved with "2000 AD" from its earliest days, writing the second story-arc of their Dan Dare-revival "Hollow World" (Progs 12-23), and devising the "Future Shocks" format for Prog #25 with his "King of the World".

Recent work for "2000AD" includes "Red Fang" (with artist Steve Yeowell), "Valkyries" (with American artist John Lucas) and a series of one-off short fantasy stories collected under the name "Tales of Telguuth" (with multiple artists).

He wrote the earliest adventures of 'the Doctor' (Who) for "Doctor Who Weekly" (later "Doctor Who Magazine"), as well as co-creating the character Abslom Daak (with artist Steve Dillon) in for the same publication. (Many stories were reprinted by Marvel and Marvel UK, including as back-up features to Jamie Delano's "Captain Britain" in "The Daredevils").

He also wrote several stories in "Warrior", including, as Pedro Henry, a revival of his Axel Pressbutton character from "Sounds".

He was featured in the star-studded anthology "A1" (including a strip with fellow-Fortean Hunt Emerson on "Fortean Times" in #2), alongside comics luminaries including Dave McKean, Peter Milligan, David Lloyd, Jamie Hewlett, Philip Bond, Dave Gibbons, Charles Vess, Mike Mignola, Paul Grist, Simon Bisley, Matt Wagner, Bryan Talbot, Brian Bolland, Ted McKeever, Kevin O'Neill, Michael William Kaluta, Steve Parkhouse, John Bolton, Glenn Fabry, Barry Windsor-Smith, Eddie Campbell and... Alan Moore.

Alan Moore-related work

He wrote "Young Tom Strong" and "Jonni Future" in "Tom Strong's Terrific Tales", an 12 issue anthology series from Alan Moore's America's Best Comics line.

He wrote the novelisation of the film V for Vendetta, based on the comics of the same name, by Alan Moore and David Lloyd.

He is currently co-writing "The Moon and Serpent Bumper Book of Magic" with Alan Moore, due to be published by Top Shelf sometime in 2010. [ [ Catalog > Top Shelf Productions ] ]


He has been involved with, and written for, the UK-based 'Journal of the Unexplained', "Fortean Times" since its earliest days.

He scripted Marvel Comics' adaptation of the James Bond film "Octopussy", published in "Marvel Comics Super Special" #26 (1983).

His work has been published by Eclipse Comics in the US, much of it reprinted from "Warrior". He wrote most of the stories for "John Bolton's Halls of Horror", as well as "Axel Pressbutton" and "Laser Eraser and Pressbutton".

Alan Moore wrote a long biographical essay "about" Steve Moore entitled "Unearthing," which is included in the Iain Sinclair-edited anthology "". [ [ 2006 interview with Alan Moore] ] In early 2008, it was reported that this essay is being adapted into a "photo-illustrated hardcover novel, with some fumetti elements and visuals by Mitch Jenkins," to be published by Top Shelf Comics. [ [ Johnston, Rich "Unearthing Unearthing," "Lying in the Gutters", February 4, 2008] . Accessed March 5, 2008]



Comics work includes:

2000 AD

*"Tharg's Future Shocks" (in "2000 AD" # 25-26, 49 & 95, 1977-79)
*"Rick Random": "Riddle of the Astral Assassin" (with Ron Turner (1-5) and Carlos Ezquerra (6), in "2000 AD" #113-118, 1979)
*"Agent Rat" (in "2000 AD" # 213, 1981)
*"Agent Rat" (in "2000 AD" # 273-274, 1982)
*"Tales of Telguuth":
** "A Little Knowledge" (with Greg Staples, in "2000 AD" #1191, 2000)
** "Talking Heads" (with Paul Johnson, in "2000 AD" #1192, 2000)
** "Music of the Spheres" (with Siku, in "2000 AD" #1193, 2000)
** "The Eternal Bliss of Zebba Horath" (with Simon Davis, in "2000 AD" #1194, 2000)
** "To Become a God" (with Paul Johnson, in "2000 AD" #1195, 2000)
** "The Bride of Ballakruz-Krim" (with Dean Ormston, in "2000 AD" #1196, 2000)
** "Men of Snakewood" (with Siku, in "2000 AD" #1197, 2000)
** "Uhuros the Horrendous" (with Carl Critchlow, in "2000 AD" #1198, 2000)
** "The Conqueror Wummb" (with Paul Johnson, in "2000 AD" #1199, 2000)
** "The Transfiguration of Tesro Karnik" (with Siku, in "2000 AD" #1227-29, 2001)
** "The Oscillations of Taramasellion" (with Siku, in "2000 AD" #1235-36, 2001)
** "The Caverns of Garnek-Spay" (with Carl Critchlow, in "2000 AD" #1240-1242, 2001
** "The Hunting of the Veks" (with Siku, in "2000 AD" #1249, 2001)
** "The Vileness of Scromyx" (with Siku, in "2000 AD" #1258-1260, 2001)
** "The Infinite Return of Varkor Gan" (with Siku, in "2000 AD" # 1263, 2001)
** "The Atrocities of Pagafruuz Jeel" (with Siku, in "2000 AD" #1283, 2002)
** "The Colossal Wealth Of Karn Foul-Eye" (with Stefano Cardoselli, in "2000 AD" #1284, 2002)
** "The Wheels Of Fortune" (with Jon Haward/John Stokes, in "2000 AD" #1285-1286, 2002)
** "The Rousing Of Rezik" (with Jon Haward, in "2000 AD" #1287-88, 2002)
** "The Black Arts Of Skrixlan Nort" (with Jon Haward, in "2000 AD" #1329, 2003)
** "Pagrok The Infallible" (with Jon Haward, in "2000 AD" #1330-31, 2003)
** "One Cold Winter Night…" (with Jon Haward, in "2000 AD" #1332, 20030)
** "The Iniquities Of Snedron" (with Jon Haward, in "2000 AD" #1333-34, 2003)
** "Holding The Fort" (with Jon Haward/John Stokes, in "2000 AD" #1369, 2003)
** The Eternal Life Of Emperor Ygg" (with David Kendall,, in "2000 AD" #1370, 2003)
*"Red Fang" (in "2000 AD" # 1200-1211, 2000)
*"Killer" (in "2000 AD" # 1264-1272, 2001)
*"Tharg's Terror Tales" (in "2000 AD" # 1311, 2002)
*"Past Imperfect" (in "2000 AD" # 1346-1349, 2003)
*"Tharg's Terror Tales" (in "2000 AD" # 1374, 2004)
*"Valkyries" (in "2000 AD" # 1377-1382, 2004)

Doctor Who

* "The Return of the Daleks" (with pencils by Paul Neary and inks by David Lloyd, in "Doctor Who Weekly" #1-4, 1979)
* "The Final Quest" (with Paul Neary, in "Doctor Who Weekly" #8, 1979)
* "K-9's Finest Hour" (with Paul Neary, in "Doctor Who Weekly" #12, 1980)
*"The Ogrons" (in "Doctor Who Magazine" # 13-14, 1980)
*"Abslom Daak" (in "Doctor Who Magazine" # 17-20, 27-30 & 44-46, 1980)
*"The Cybermen" (in "Doctor Who Magazine" # 23-24 & 35-38, 1980)
*"The Yeti" (in "Doctor Who Magazine" # 31-34, 1980)
*"Doctor Who" (in "Doctor Who Magazine" # 35-55, 1980-81)


*"Laser Eraser & Pressbutton" (in "Warrior" # 1-10, 12 & 15-16, 1982-83)
*"Father Shandor, Demon Stalker" (in "Warrior" # 1-10 & 13-16, 1982-83)
*"Zirk" (in "Warrior" # 3, 1982)
*"The Legend of Prester John" (in "Warrior" # 12, 1983)
*"Zirk" (in "Warrior" # 13, 1983)
*"Ektryn" (in "Warrior" # 14, 1983)
*"Twilight World" (in "Warrior" # 14-17, 1983-84)
*"Jaramsheela" (in "Warrior" # 17, 1984)
*"Shandor, Demon Stalker" (in "Warrior" # 25, 1984)
*"Ektryn" (in "Warrior" # 25, 1984)


*"Laser Eraser & Pressbutton" (in "Sounds", and later from Eclipse Comics)
*"Young Tom Strong" (in "Tom Strong's Terrific Tales" #1-12)
*"Jonni Future" (in "Tom Strong's Terrific Tales" #1-12 and "Tomorrow Stories Special" #2)
*"Johnny Future" (in "Tomorrow Stories Special" #1)
*"Little Margie in Misty Magic Land" (in "Tomorrow Stories Special" #2)
*"ABC A-Z: Greyshirt & Cobweb"
*"ABC A-Z: Top 10 & Teams"


*"V for Vendetta" (based on the screenplay by the Wachowski Brothers, for the film, Pocket Star, Jan 31, 2006, ISBN 1416516999)

Fortean Times

Work done at the "Fortean Times" includes editing and writing the following.

Fortean Tomes

*"Yesterday's News Tomorrow: Fortean Times Issues 1-15" (Indexer) (John Brown Publishing, 1992 2nd ed. 1995) ISBN 1-870870-26-3
*"Diary of a Mad Planet: Fortean Times Issues 16-25" (Indexer, co-editor original magazines) (John Brown Publishing Ltd, 2nd ed. 1995) ISBN 1-870021-25-8
*"Seeing Out the Seventies: Fortean Times Issues 26-30" (Indexer, co-editor original magazines) (John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1990) ISBN 1-870021-20-7
*"Gateways to Mystery: Fortean Times Issues 31-36" (Indexer, co-editor original magazines) (John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1993) ISBN 1-870870-37-9
*"Heaven's Reprimands: Fortean Times Issues 37-41" (Indexer, co-editor original magazines) (John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1994) ISBN 1-870870-52-2
*"If Pigs Could Fly: Fortean Times Issues 42-46" (Indexer, co-editor original magazines) (John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1994) ISBN 1-870870-47-6
*"Fishy Yarns: Fortean Times Issues 47-51" (Indexer, co-editor original magazines) (John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1994) ISBN 1-870870-48-4
*"Bonfire of the Oddities: Fortean Times Issues 52-56" (Indexer, co-editor original magazines) (John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1995) ISBN 1-870870-61-1
*"Strange Attractors: Fortean Times Issues 57-62" (Indexer, co-editor original magazines) (John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1996) ISBN 1-870870-73-5
*"Plumber from Lhasa: Fortean Times Issues 63-67" (Indexer, co-editor original magazines) (John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1996) ISBN 1-870870-79-4
*"Memories of Hell: Fortean Times Issues 68-72" (Indexer, co-editor original magazines) (John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1997) ISBN 1-870870-90-5
*"Mouthful of Mysteries: Fortean Times Issues 73-77" (Indexer, co-editor original magazines) (John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1998) ISBN 1-870870-66-2
*"Snakes Alive!: Fortean Times Issues 93-97" (Indexer, co-editor original magazines) (John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1998) ISBN 1-902212-04-5

Fortean Studies

*"Fortean Studies: Volume 1" (as editor, John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1994, paperback, ISBN 1-870870-55-7)
*"Fortean Studies: Volume 2" (as editor, John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1995, paperback, ISBN 1-870870-70-0)
*"Fortean Studies: Volume 3" (as editor, John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1996, paperback, ISBN 1-870870-82-4)
*"Fortean Studies: Volume 4" (as editor, John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1998, paperback, ISBN 1-870870-96-4)
*"Fortean Studies: Volume 5" (as editor, John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1998, paperback, ISBN 1-902212-14-2)
*"Fortean Studies: Volume 6" (as editor, John Brown Publishing Ltd, 1998, paperback, ISBN 1-902212-20-7)


*"Fortean Times" Index" (John Brown Publishing Ltd, Oct 1997) ISBN 1-870870-68-9
*"Fortean Times" Book of Strange Deaths" (as compiler, John Brown Publishing Ltd Oct 1997) ISBN 1-870870-50-6
*"Fortean Times" Book of Close Shaves" (as compiler, John Brown Publishing Ltd Oct 1999) ISBN 1-902212-18-5



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* [ 2000AD profile]

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