Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies

Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies

The Kennan Institute for Advanced Russian Studies of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars was founded in 1974 to the carry out studies of the Soviet Union (sovietology), subsequently of post-Soviet Russia and other post-Soviet states. [ [ Kennan Institute] ]

In addition to its main office, the Kennan Institute operates centers in Moscow, Russia and Kiev, Ukraine: the Kennan Moscow Project and Kennan Kyiv Project .

The institute is named after George Kennan, American explorer of Russia, twice removed older cousin of the Cold War architect George F. Kennan, [ [ "Remarks by the VP to the Kennan Institute US Russia Council"] ] . The latter one, together with Wilson Center Director James Billington and historian S. Frederick Starr, initiated the establishment of the institute


The Institute offers residential research scholarships in the humanities and social sciences to academic scholars and specialists from government, the media, and the private sector. The Institute also administers an active program of public lectures featuring scholars and public figures, disseminating the results of its activities and research through a variety of publications.

Research areas

Most recent research topics include

* Religion in Post-Soviet Societies
* Migration in the Post-Soviet space


The Kennan Institute is a partner of the Russian and Eurasian Security Specialized Network (RES) of the international Center for Security Studies (CSS), ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland. [ [ International Relations and Security Network ISN - Kennan Institute ] ]

The Kennan Institute and ISE Center (Information. Scholarship. Education.), Moscow, administer the Centers for Advanced Study and Education (CASE) program. The CASE program has established nine thematic research centers at regional Russian universities in order to foster scholarship in the social sciences and humanities. [ About the Kennan Institute] , Wilson Center webpage]


*Director: Blair A. Ruble [ [ Blair A. Ruble] .]
*Deputy director (since August 2007 [ [ Russia - Kennan Institute November Calendar - JRL 10-31-07 ] ] ): William E. Pomeranz [ [ William E. Pomeranz] ]
*Senior associate: Margaret Paxson [ [ Margaret Paxson] ] .


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