Device Management Forum

Device Management Forum

The Device Management Forum (DMF) is a company formed in December 2006 to promote the interests of major stakeholders in the development, distribution, management, security and use of information, communication and entertainment devices. Through its activities, the company aims to:

  • Promote best practices in device management and security
  • Facilitate more effective and efficient use of information, communication and entertainment devices
  • Help major vendor stakeholder groups market their solutions and services
  • Help major user stakeholder groups make optimal purchasing decisions
  • Track and report on major developments in device management and related fields

The company engages in a range of activities including:

  • Providing news and information on device management and related issues
  • Facilitating discussion forums and workshops
  • Matching providers of products and service with current and emerging market opportunities
  • Working with standards bodies and other industry groups to communicate relevant market developments to key stakeholder groups

One of the Forum’s major focuses is mobile device management - the management and security of mobile devices such as smartphones and PDAs. Other areas of focus include assessing market developments that impact the requirements for device management and the application of device management technologies beyond telecoms, IT and entertainment.

Sponsor Members of the Device Management Forum include Nokia, Nokia Siemens Networks, Sicap, Synchronica, Mossec, Mobilethink and Capricode.

The Device Management Forum differs from other industry groups such as the Open Mobile Alliance and the Telemanagement Forum in that it does not have standards making within its mandate. Instead, it collaborates with organisations such as the latter in order to achieve its objectives. Also, the Device Management Forum defines device management as a process rather than as a standard, technology or collection of technologies.

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