Indon is a short term for Indonesia and Indonesian, similar to "Brit" for "Briton" or "British", though nowadays in a more derogatory context. This word had been used widely in Malaysia. Some Indonesian media has formerly used the term, however due to the offensive intention the word often has, it is no longer in usage.

In 2006, the people and government of Indonesia opposed Malaysian usage of the term that was assumed as insulting. [id [ RI protest Malaysia soal Indon.] ]

Due to the matter, Indonesian government via Information & Humanity Secretary ("Sekretaris I Penerangan & Humas KBRI ") Eka A. Suripto stated that Indonesian ambassador given an official protest to the Malaysian Ambassador in Indonesia on 13 May 2007. Malaysian government later reacted by prohibiting local media from using this term officially by Malaysian Ministry Of Information on 25 May2007. [id [ RI protest Malaysia soal Indon.] ] [id ] [id [ UMNO Minta Rakyat dan Media Massa Hentikan Panggilan "Indon".] ] .


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