Oneta (Parish)

Oneta (Parish)

Oneta is one of 6 Parroquias in the Municipality Villayón, in Asturias, Spain.


Oneta is an Parroquia with 135 Habitants (2007) and an Area of 9,84 km². It is 542 m high. The Village is 6 km away from the Capital Villayón.

Rivers and Lakes

Famous Waterfalls - Cascada de Oneta.

Rio la Brana is crossing the Parroquia.


Next Airport Oviedo


The Agriculture dominates the region hundreds of years ago.


Warm Sommers and smooth, seldom hard Winters. In Autumn strong Storms are able.

Points of Interest

* Cascada de Oneta

smaller Villages in the Parroquia

* Oneta - 77 Hab. (2007) coord|43.46455|N|6.66855|W|region:ES_type:city|name=Oneta
* Brañuas (Vaqueiros) - 44 Hab. (2007) coord|43.47767|N|6.6571|W|region:ES_type:city|name=Barnuas
* Linera - 14 Hab. (2007)) coord|43.45697|N|6.67174|W|region:ES_type:city|name=Linera

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