The Bishop (Monty Python)

The Bishop (Monty Python)

The Bishop is a famous Monty Python sketch from season 2, episode 17 of Monty Python's Flying Circus (titled "The Buzz Aldrin Show"). It stars Terry Jones as a Secret Agent-like bishop attempting to stop several comical murders of various members of the Anglican clergy (played by John Cleese, Michael Palin and Eric Idle), usually arriving a moment too late. Palin also appears as a character called "Devious", whom The Bishop directs 'don't move!' at the very beginning and ends of the sketch.


The Bishop drives a black car up to a church, followed by his four priest backup agents, during a Sunday sermon. The Bishop storms into the church saying "The text Vic! Don't say the text!" But the priest has already said the text, and his pulpit explodes.

Next, the Bishop almost makes it in time to stop a time bomb disguised as a baby from exploding. However, despite yelling "Don't say the kid's name Vic!" he is too late, and the clergyman explodes again.

Then there is a couple who is about to get married. The Bishop arrives and says, "The ring Vic! Don't touch the ring!" but a 16-ton weight drops on the Priest.

Then, two bellringers are seen, one enthusiastically ringing, the other standing still, at least until he yanks the rope, stringing up the other bellringer. The Bishop arrives, again, too late, and leaves dismayed.

Then, at a burial, a cannon aimed at the priest pops out of the grave. This time, the The Bishop and his men don't even bother leaving the car.

Then, after hearing a cry of help from someone, The Bishop and his men run through the streets and break into a building, using one of his men as a battering ram. The Bishop catches 'Devious' and tells him not to move, slamming his crook on the desk.

Ways Clergymen Are Killed

Several Clergymen are humorously killed during the skit, as follows (in order):
* The pulpit exploding after saying the daily text.
* A bomb disguised as a baby exploding after it's Christian name is said.
* A 16-ton weight is dropped after a wedding ring is touched.
* A bellringer being hung by a second bellringer.
* A cannon rising out of a grave during a burial.

The Credits

Another famous part of the sketch are the opening/closing credits, which read as follows, accompanied by Terry Gilliam's animation:

C. of E. Films

In Association with the Sunday Schools Board Present...


Starring: The Reverend E.P. Nesbitt

Introducing: F.B. Gromsby-Urquhart-Wright as the Voice of God

Special Effects By: The Moderator of the Church of Scotland

Directed by: Prebendary "Chopper" Harris

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