Venezuelan British

Venezuelan British

Infobox Ethnic group
group = Venezuelan British
Británicos venezolanos
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caption =
poptime = 3,996 Venezuelan-born (2001 Census) [ Place of birth data collated by OECD based on 2001 UK Census] ]
popplace = London and South East England
langs = British English, Venezuelan Spanish, Spanglish and various languages of Venezuela
rels = Predominantly Roman Catholicism
related = Latin American BritonMestizoAmerindianMulattoSpanish BritonHispanicLatinoItalo-Venezuelans

Venezuelan British ( _es. Británicos venezolanos) is a term used to denote a citizen or non-citizen immigrant in the United Kingdom with ethnic or national roots from the South American nation of Venezuela.

The Latin American community in the UK only began to emmerge in the mid 20th century, and according to most recent estimates, there are around 1 million Latin American people in the country, it is also one of the UK's fastest growing ethnic groups, the Venezuelan British community will almost certainly follow this trend, and even the most recent statistics could be vast underestimates. [ [ Latin Americans in Britain] ]

According to the 2001 UK Census, 3,996 Venezuelan-born people were living in the UK, representing just over 6% of the UK's Latin American-born community, and with estimates for Latin Americans in the UK as a whole standing at up to 1 million, the Venezuelan British population is likely to be much, much higher than the 2001 Venezuelan born statistics.


* Jeremías, Singer-songwriter

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* Latin American Briton
* Venezuelan American
* Venezuelan Canadian

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