Tobias is a Greek version of the Hebrew biblical name "Tobijah", meaning "Jehovah [God] is good". It is a popular male given name in Germany, Scandinavia, the United States and amongst Jewish people. In English-speaking countries it is often shortened to Toby. Other diminutives are Tobi (English, Germany), Tobsen (Germany) and Tobbe (Sweden). Tobias has also been a surname.


Several people are called Tobias in The Bible:
*Tobias, son of Tobit; "Book of Tobias" is an older name for the Book of Tobit
*Tobias the elder
*Tobias, father of Hircanus
*Tobiah (Ammonite)
*Tobias, brother-in-law of Onias II, father of the Joseph who succeeded in pacifying Ptolemy III Euergetes.
*Tobbe, son-in-law of Onias III, son of Onias II

As a given name

*Tobias (Animorphs) (fictional character)
*Tobias Abse (professor)
*Tobias Abstreiter (hockey center)
*Tobias Angerer (cross country skier)
*Tobias Arlt (luger)
*Tobias Bamberg (magician)
*Tobias Barreto de Meneses (critic/poet)
*Tobias Beecher (from Oz)
*Tobias Beer (actor)
*Tobias Bernstrup (contemporary artist)
*Tobias Billström (politician)
*Tobias Bjarneby (video game journalist)
*Tobias Bogner (ski jumper)
*Tobias Bonhoeffer (neurobiologist)
*Tobias Bruns (artist)
*Tobias S. Buckell (scifi author)
*Tobias Büttner (football defender)
*Tobias Carlsson (Kalmar FF footballer)
*Tobías Zúñiga Castro (politician)
*Tobias Cohn (17/18th century physician)
*Tobias Cole (countertenor)
*Tobias Joaquim Dai (politician)
*Tobias Dantzig (mathematician)
*Tobias Delius (musician)
*Tobias Dier (golfer)
*Tobias Druitt (author, pseudonym)
*Tobias Ellwood (politician)
*Tobias Eng (musician)
*Tobias Enhus (composer)
*Tobias Enström (hockey defenceman)
*Tobias Exxel (bass player from Edguy)
*Tobias Fish (future megastar)
*Tobias Forsberg (hockey winger)
*Tobias Frere-Jones (type designer)
*Tobias Fünke (Arrested Development)
*Tobias Furneaux (Royal Navy officer)
*Tobias Geffen (rabbi)
*Tobias Geye (artist)
*Tobias Gondrom (internet engineer)
*Tobias Grahn (Gimnàstic de Tarragona midfielder)
*Tobias Gregson (fictional character)
*Tobias Grünenfelder
*Tobias Hayek
*Tobias Hecht
*Tobías Hernández
*Tobias Hill (poet/novelist)
*Tobias Hoesl
*Tobias Hogan
*Tobias Holmberg
*Tobias Holmqvist
*Tobias Hume (composer & soldier)
*Tobias Hysén (IFK Göteborg footballer)
*Tobias Jesso
*Detective Tobias Jones
*Tobias Jones (writer) (author & journalist)
*Tobias Kamke
*Tobias Kassung
*Tobias Krantz
*Tobías Lasser
*Tobias Lear V (personal secretary)
*Tobias Levels
*Tobias Lindemann
*Tobias Linderoth (Galatasaray midfielder)
*Tobias Lohner
*Tobias Mabuta Munihango
*Tobias Matthay (teacher & composer)
*Tobias Matthew (archbishop of York)
*Tobias Mayer (astronomer)
*Tobias Mehler
*Tobias Menzies (actor)
*Tobias Michael Carel Asser (jurist)
*Tobias Mikaelsson
*Tobias Mikkelsen
*Tobias Moretti (actor)
*Tobias Mullen
*Tobias Müller
*Tobias Nath
*Tobias Nickenig
*Tobias Crawford Norris (politician)
*Tobias Oetiker
*Tobias Ohls
*Tobias Picker (composer)
*Tobias Pflüger (politician)
*Tobias A. Plants
*Tobias Pock
*Tobias Ragg (from "")
*Tobias Rathgeb
*Tobias Rau (Arminia Bielefeld defender)
*Tobias Read
*Tobias Regner (musician)
*Tobias Rustat
*Tobias Sammet (vocalist from Edguy)
*Tobias Schellenberg (competitive diver)
*Tobias Schenke
*Tobias Schiegl
*Tobias Schneebaum (artist & activist)
*Tobias Schneider
*Tobias Schönenberg (actor & photomodel)
*Tobias Schweinsteiger
*Tobias Simon
*Tobias Sippel
*Tobias Smollett (Scottish author)
*Tobias Snape (father of Severus Snape)
*Tobias Steinhauser
*Tobias Stephan (hockey goaltender)
*Tobias Stimmer (painter & illustrator)
*Tobias Summerer
*Tobias Truvillion
*Tobias Unger (athlete)
*Tobias Verhaecht (draughtsman)
*Tobias Verwey
*Tobias Viklund
*Tobias Weis
*Tobias Wendl
*Tobias Whale (fictional character)
*Tobias Willi
*Tobias Wolff (writer)

Middle name

*Abraham Tobias Boas
*Albert Tobias Clay
*Ferdinand Tobias Richter
*J. Tobias Anderson
*Johan Tobias Sergel, Swedish sculptor
*Johann Tobias Beck
*Johann Tobias Bürg (astronomer)
*Johann Tobias Krebs (composer)
*Johann Tobias Mayer

Derivative name

*Tobey Maguire
*Tobiah ben Eliezer

As a surname

The surname Tobias may refer to the following people:
*Andrew Tobias, American journalist, author and columnist
*Channing Heggie Tobias
*Charles Tobias, American songwriter
*Errol Tobias, former South African rugby union footballer
*George Tobias, American character actor
*Gert & Uwe Tobias
*Herbert Tobias
*Jenny Kendall-Tobias, British radio presenter
*Jesse Tobias, American guitarist
*John Tobias, American co-creator of the Mortal Kombat fighting game series
*Mahlon Tobias
*Marc Tobias
*Michael Tobias
*Murray Tobias
*Nataliya Tobias
*Oliver Tobias, British film, stage and TV actor
*Paul Tobias, former member of the American hard rock band Guns N' Roses
*Phillip V. Tobias, South African palaeoanthropologist
* Ambassador Randall L. Tobias, former United States Director of Foreign Assistance and administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development
*Rudolf Tobias, first Estonian professional composer
*Seth Tobias
*Timothy J. Tobias
*Todd Tobias


*Tobias, Nebraska, A US village
*Tobias Fornier, Antique, a municipality in the Philippines


"Tobias and the Angel" is the title given to paintings and other artworks depicting a scene in which Tobias, son of Tobit, meets an angel without realising he is an angel (Book of Tobit, 5.5-6) and is then instructed by the angel what to do with a giant fish he catches (Book of Tobit, 6.2-9), including:


*"Tobias and the Angel", print by Hercules Seghers
*"Tobias and the Angel", 1875 painting by Evelyn De Morgan


*Tobias and the Angel (Jonathan Dove), community opera
*"Tobias and the Angel", 1975 novel by Frank Yerby

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