Type 94 Disinfecting Vehicle and Type 94 Gas Scattering Vehicle

Type 94 Disinfecting Vehicle and Type 94 Gas Scattering Vehicle

The Type 94 Disinfecting Vehicle and Type 94 Gas Scattering Vehicle was a series of vehicles adapted to biologicaland chemical warfare possessed by the Japanese forces. The Type 94 Disinfecting Vehicle and Type 94 Gas Scattering Vehicle was configured as anindependent mobile liquid dissemination biological and chemicalvehicle with respective mobile disinfecting anti-germs or chemical agents vehicle for support to Japanese chemical/biological infantry units in combat.

These special vehicles for chemical/biological warfare were developed in 1933–1934. The Gas Scattering Vehicle could scatter mustard gas chemical agent or biological agents with an 8m width and the Disinfecting Vehicle scattered bleaching powder to counteract the poison gas or pathogenic agents. A Type 94 chemical/bacteriological protection modified Tankette was used as the tractor of these vehicles, closed for protection against these agents.

In a similar way Russian Soviet Forces developed chemical/biological warfare special protection armored vehicles similar to versions of T-34 and other medium or light small tanks with modified turrets with dispersers or gas scatterers, liquid or powder dissemination systems and special armor protection against agents for their respective chemical/biological units in previous years and World War II times.

Similarly they developed shell containers for land artillery and airplanes in the air force with the same purpose, but it is unknown if any of these units were used in any combat actions during the conflict.

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