Geothermal power in Turkey

Geothermal power in Turkey

Turkey currently has the 5th highest direct utilization and capacity of geothermal energy in the world. Turkey's capacity as of 2005 is 1495 MWt with a utilization of 24,839.9 TJ/year or 6900.5 GWh/year at a capacity factor of 0.53. Most of this is in the form of direct-use heating however goethermal electricity is currently produced at a plant in Kizildere producing 120,000 tonnes of liquid carbon dioxide and dry ice. The Kizildere plant has 20 MW capacity and runs at an average capacity of 12-15 MW annually.Lund, J. W., Freeston, D. H., & Boyd, T. L. (2005). Direct application of geothermal energy: 2005 Worldwide review. Geothermics, 34, 691-727. doi:10.1016/j.geothermics.2005.09.003]

The direct-use heating has been mostly district heating serving 103,000 residences (827MWt and 7712.7 TJ/year). There is also individual space heating (74MWt and 816.8 TJ/year); 800,000 m2 of heated greenhouses (192MWt and 3633 TJ/year); and 215 balneological facilities, 54 spas, bathing and swimming pools (402MWt and 12,677.4 TJ/year).

As of 2005 170 future geothermal prospects had been identified with 95% in the low-to medium enthalpy range suitable for direct-use applications (Simsek et al., 2005).Simsek, S., Mertoglu, O., Bakir, N., Akkus, I., Aydogdu, O., 2005. Geothermal energy utilization, development and projections--country update report (2000–2004) of Turkey. In: Proceedings of the World Geothermal Conference 2005, Antalya, Turkey, 24-29 April 2005.] The proven potential is 3293 MWt and the total geothermal potential is approximately 31,500 MWt indicating that 30% of Turkish residences could be heated geothermally. By 2010 Turkey plans to produce 500MWe geothermal electricity and 3500MWt through space heating.


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