Sorbas basin

Sorbas basin

The Sorbas basin is a sedimentary basin around the town of Sorbas in south-east Spain. It is believed to have been formed by extension, between two fault-bounded blocks which rotated anti-clockwise to take up the compression resulting from Europe's collison with Africa. It is filled with turbidites and evaporites dating the the Tortonian-Messinian.

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Basin fill

The basin, pictured above, is divided into the following members:
* At the bottom of the image, the house is constructed on the steep yellow cliffs of the resistant Azagador member.
* The lower (whiter) and upper (yellower) Abad marls, a Tortonian/Messinian series of turbidites featuring pronounced Milankovic (20,000 year precession) cyclicity, allowing chronostratigraphic dating; these fine muds are easily eroded and form v topography.
* the Messinian Yesares member, a gypsum evaproite, forming the steep wict|buff wict|bluffs at the top of the valley; there is some debate about how conformable its contact with the Abad marls is.
* Pliocene deposits, resting unconformably on the top.

Basin significance

*Red = current coastline
*S = Sorbas basin, Spain

*R = Rifean corridor
*B = Betic corridor
*G = Strait of Gibraltar
*M = Mediterranean sea

The basin was separated from the main Mediterranean basin during the Messinian salinity crisis; therefore the timing of the Yesares member relative to the main basin evaproites is crucial to distinguish between models of how the Mediterranean dried out.


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