1289 (number)

1289 (number)

The number 1289 (one thousand two hundred eighty-nine) is the natural number following 1288 and preceding 1290. "Number Gossip: 1289", March 2008, webpage: [http://www.numbergossip.com/1289 Numbergossip-1289] .]

In mathematics

The number 1289 is an odd prime number, following 1283 and preceding 1291. It is classified as an apocalyptic power, deficient, and an evil number:

* The number 1289 is called an apocalyptic power because 21289 contains the consecutive digits 666 (in decimal): in the sequence ..., 1281, 1285, 1286, 1289, 1290, 1298, 1301, etc.

* The number 1289 is classed as deficient because the sum of all its positive divisors (except itself) totals less than 1289. Compare with perfect and abundant numbers.

* The number 1289 is classed as evil because it has an even number of 1's contained in its binary expansion.

In technology

* 1289 is a 4.5 volt battery with 3 cells in flat side-by-side format with brass-strip connections, also known as MN1203, 3LR12 and many other "R12" variations.

Historical years

* 1289 AD, 1289 BC.


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