Local Government Areas of Queensland

Local Government Areas of Queensland

The Local Government Areas (LGAs) of Queensland, Australia are the areas for which particular Local Government authorities, generally known as "Councils" have the responsibility to provide local government services. Determining the size and shape of the Local Government Areas is the sole responsibility of the Queensland Government and in the past many local government areas have been amalgamated or abolished, either voluntarily or involuntarily. Despite this, many of the local government areas date back to the start of the twentieth century, as shown on a 1909 map. [ [http://www.nla.gov.au/apps/cdview?pi=nla.map-rm3131-sd Queensland, 1909. National Library of Australia] ]

There are three classifications of local government in Queensland:
# Cities (predominantly urban or suburban areas)
# Regional Councils (created following amalgamations in 2008) and;
# Shires (predominantly rural or outer suburban areas).

Other than Brisbane City Council, there are no practical differences between these types of local governments - the differences are only in name and reflect historical differences between the various types of local government prior to the enactment of the current law that regulates local government in the state of Queensland, the "Local Government Act (Qld) 1993". Brisbane City Council has its own Act of Parliament, the "City of Brisbane Act 1924".

In addition twelve Aboriginal Councils are administered under the Local Government Act; before January 2007 there were only two — Aurukun Shire Council and Mornington Shire Council — the rest underwent transition to full Shire council status in January 2007.cite web
url = http://www.lgp.qld.gov.au/?id=1971
title = Aboriginal and Island Councils
format =
work =
publisher = Queensland Department of Local Government and Planning
accessdate = 2007-01-23
] Many were later amalgamated during the 2008 election. The "Torres Strait Island Regional Council" also has special recognition.

The Queensland Minister of Local Government and Planning, Andrew Fraser, announced a complete review of all Queensland local government area boundaries (other than Brisbane City Council) by the Local Government Reform Commission, to be completed prior to the 2008 local government elections.cite web
url = http://www.lgp.qld.gov.au/?id=4461
title = Local government reform
publisher = Department of Local Government, Planning, Sport and Recreation (Queensland)
accessdate = 2007-04-24
] The amalgamation was decided in 2007 and went ahead before the local elections, but federally funded plebiscites on the change were still be held.

As of March 2008 there are 74 Local Government Areas in Queensland. The councils prior to the amalgamation are listed below. Under each LGA is listed recommended action regarding amalgamation. [ [http://www.strongercouncils.qld.gov.au/IndependentReformCommission/Commissionsrecommendationsreport.aspx Local Government Reform ] ]









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Local Government Areas of Queensland prior to March 17, 2008



*Financial status are according to the [http://statements.cabinet.qld.gov.au/MMS/StatementDisplaySingle.aspx?id=51851 Financially Distressed Councils Report] .

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* [http://www.lgaq.asn.au/portal/dt Local Government Association of Queensland]
* [http://www.lgp.qld.gov.au/ Queensland Government Local Government and Planning website]

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