Rudolf Samoylovich

Rudolf Samoylovich

Rudolf (Ruvim) Lazarevich Samoylovich ( _ru. Рудольф Лазаревич Самойлович) (September 13 (O.S. September 1), 1881, Azov - 1940?) was a Soviet polar explorer, professor (1928), and doctor of geographic sciences (1934).

In 1904, Rudolf Samoylovich graduated from the Mining Academy in Freiberg, Germany. In 1912, he participated in Vladimir Rusanov's geological expedition to Spitsbergen. Rudolf Samoylovich was one of the initiators and the first director of the Northern Research and Trade Expedition (Северная научно-промысловая экспедиция) (1920-1925). In 1925, this research center was reorganized into the Institute of Northern Studies (Институт по изучению Севера), headed by Rudolf Samoylovich in 1925-1930. In 1932-1938, he was deputy director of the All-Union Arctic Institute (Всесоюзный арктический институт). Rudolf Samoylovich was also the founder and first chairman of the Polar Countries' Department at Leningrad State University (1934-1937). Rudolf Samoylovich was the head of the rescue party on the "Krasin" icebreaker (1928). Also, he participated in the "Graf Zeppelin" expedition (1931) and headed expeditions on icebreakers "Vladimir Rusanov" (1932), "Georgy Sedov" (1934), and "Sadko" (1936 and 1937-1938). In 1938, Rudolf Samoylovich was arrested and then most likely executed some time in 1940. In 1957, he was rehabilitated.

A strait and a glacier top on Franz Josef Land, a bay on Novaya Zemlya, an island in Severnaya Zemlya, a mountain and a peninsula in the Antarctica bear Rudolf Samoylovich's name. He was awarded the Order of Lenin and Order of the Red Banner of Labor.

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