Federal courts of Switzerland

Federal courts of Switzerland

The federal judiciary of Switzerland consists of the Federal Supreme Court, the Federal Criminal Court and the Federal Administrative Court. These courts are charged with the application of Swiss federal law through the judicial process.

The Federal Supreme Court in Lausanne is established in the Swiss Federal Constitution as the supreme judicial authority of Switzerland. It is the court of appeal for all decisions of the cantonal courts of last instance, and also for most decisions of the two federal courts of first instance.

The Federal Criminal Court in Bellinzona tries the (relatively few) criminal cases subject to federal criminal jurisdiction, such as cases involving organised crime, terrorism and crimes against federal institutions. It also decides in disputes between cantonal prosecuting authorities. The Federal Administrative Court in Berne reviews decisions made in application of federal administrative law that have been issued by federal and in some cases by cantonal authorities.

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* [http://www.admin.ch/index.html?lang=en Web portal of the Federal Authorities of the Swiss Confederation]

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