Niger (disambiguation)

Niger (disambiguation)

The etymology of the word 'niger' is from the Latin word for 'black'. In botanical nomenclature, where the species name is niger, this indicates that some aspect of the organism is black.

Niger is a country in Africa.
Niger may also refer to:

  • Niger River, a river in West Africa
  • Niger State, a state in Nigeria
  • Niger Vallis, a valley on Mars that appears to have been carved by water
  • 8766 Niger, a Main-belt asteroid discovered on September 29, 1973
  • HMS Niger, any of several British warships
  • Lapis Niger, the black marble covering and concrete enclosure of an ancient Roman monument and shrine
  • Sol Niger Within, the first and only release by Fredrik Thordendal's Special Defects


  • Niger Innis, an American Republican consultant, strategist and National Spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality
  • Pescennius Niger, a Roman emperor
  • Peter Georg Niger (1434-1481/1484), a Dominican theologian, preacher and controversialist
  • Ralph Niger (c. 1140-c. 1217), an Anglo-French theologian
  • Roger Niger, a thirteenth century cleric who became Bishop of London
  • Sextius Niger, a Roman writer on pharmacology during the reign of Augustus


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