Bradford East (UK Parliament constituency)

Bradford East (UK Parliament constituency)

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Bradford East was the name of a parliamentary constituency represented in the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom from 1885–1974. It will be recreated for the next general election, and will elect one Member of Parliament (MP) by the first past the post system of election.

Following a review of parliamentary boundaries in West Yorkshire, the Boundary Commission for England have re-shaped the existing Bradford North constituency to such a degree that the name change was felt necessary.


Municipal Boundaries of Bradford

Bradford was incorporated as a municipal borough in 1847, covering the parishes of Bradford, Horton and Manningham. It became a county borough with the passing of the Local Government Act 1888. The county borough was granted city status by Letters Patent in 1897. Bradford was expanded in 1882 to include Allerton, Bolton, Bowling, Heaton, Thornbury and Tyersall. In 1899 it was further expanded by adding North Bierley, Eccleshill, Idle, Thornton, Tong and Wyke. Clayton was added in 1930.

From 1973 the county borough was merged with the Borough of Keighley, the Urban Districts of Baildon, Bingley, Denholme,Cullingworth, Ilkley, Shipley and Silsden, along with part of Queensbury and Shelf Urban District and part of Skipton Rural District by the Local Government Act 1972.

Parliamentary Boundaries of Bradford East

1885-1918: The Municipal Borough of Bradford, in the West Riding of Yorkshire, was divided into three single-member constituencies from the United Kingdom general election, 1885. Bradford East was the eastern third of Bradford and was approximately rectangular in shape. It bordered on Pudsey to the east, Elland in the south, Bradford Central to the west and Shipley in the north.

1918-1950: In this period the constituency comprised the local government wards of Bradford Moor, East Bowling, Tong, and West Bowling. It was located in the south-east corner of the city of Bradford.

1950-1955: The constituency was expanded to the south-west, into territory formerly in the Bradford South seat. The Bradford Moor area, in the north of the old East division, was transferred to Bradford Central. The wards allocated to the East division from 1950 were East Bowling, Little Horton, North Bierley East, Tong, and West Bowling.

1955-1974: The redistribution removed the western part of the old East division and expanded the new seat north. North Bierley East and West Bowling wards were transferred to the Bradford South constituency. The East seat, from 1955, comprised the East Bowling, Exchange, Listerhills, Little Horton, South, and Tong wards.

In 1974 the East seat disappeared. The city had been re-warded since the 1955 redistribution, but it is clear that parts of the division were distributed to each of the three Bradford seats which existed from 1974. The Bowling area became part of Bradford North; Tong joined Bradford South; and Little Horton became part of Bradford West.

From the next election: The new Bradford East is the successor seat to the existing Bradford North constituency, which was created for the 1918 general election. The [ report] into the boundary review says;

:"5. The Assistant Commissioner reported that he was also called upon to consider alternative names submitted for Bradford East..He rejected a number of he considered they did not have any merit...He also rejected the submissions that proposed that the name Bradford North should be retained...."

The wards in this new constituency are entirely within Bradford city boundaries:

*Bolton and Undercliffe, Bowling and Barkerend, Bradford Moor, Eccleshill, Idle and Thackley and Little Horton

Members of Parliament

Election results

The original constituency had its first contest at the United Kingdom general election, 1885 and its last at the United Kingdom general election, 1970.

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* "Boundaries of Parliamentary Constituencies 1885-1972", compiled and edited by F.W.S. Craig (Parliamentary Reference Publications 1972)
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